What If Programming Languages Were Game Of Thrones Characters? (As A Data Scientist)

What If Programming Languages Were Game Of Thrones Characters? (As A Data Scientist)

To celebrate the winter arrival, what if C#, Python, C++, Java, SQL, Ruby, or even R were Game of Thrones characters? And why as a data scientist perspective.

This article is going to be less demanding than usual (but still technical and nerdy :)). We are going to analyze what if all our favourite coding languages used every day would be Game of Thrones characters and why?

It is maybe a very long time ago since you have not watched it, but I believe the HBO success is remaining in our minds. The singularity and diversity of each figure can be used to understand more about the current diversity in terms of coding languages.

Because winter is coming, let’s have a little refresher, and you will be able to brag in front of your colleagues and friends during the long night.


Because of the long list of game of thrones characters, this article will be divided into 2 parts. The first part will talk about 4 major houses:

  • Stark
  • Targaryen
  • Lannister
  • Baratheon

And a second part will cover the extra characters, which are even more interesting such as the King of the Night, Lord Varis, Jorah Mormont, etc.…

Let’s start now with my favourite, Stark house.


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