Advanced Programming in MATLAB Data Types and Data Structures

Advanced Programming in MATLAB Data Types and Data Structures

Get advanced level, in-depth knowledge of this fourth-generation, multi-paradigm numerical programming language. Learn the essential and unique MATLAB data types necessary for MATLAB programming and data analysis and how to use Cells, Tables, Time Tables, Structures and Map Containers.

Description Basic Course Description

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language which is frequenlty being used by engineering and science students. While teaching to students and observing different MATLAB related courses on Simpliv for more than six months now. I realized that there is a need for a course which should cover the key data types such as Cells, tables, time tables, structures and Map containers which should provide the students with the essential skills for taking full advantage of MATLAB strengths in data analysis and programming.

In this course we not only cover these data Types but also demonstrates different functions and operation and their conversions to make analysis and programming a greater experience.

The following are the outlines of this course.

Segment 1: introduction to the Course Segment 2: Cell Data Type Segment 3: Table Data Type Segment 4: Time Table Data Type Segment 5: Structures Segment 6: Map Containers Segment 7: Conversion between Different Data Types Your Benefits and Advantages

You receive knowledge from a Ph.D. in Computer science with over 10 years of teaching and 15 years of programming experience and another decade of experience in using MATLAB The instructor has 6 courses on simpliv on MATLAB including a best seller course The overall rating in these courses are (4.5/5) If you do not find the course useful, you are covered with 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked! You have lifetime access to the course You have instant and free access to any updates i add to the course You have access to all Questions and discussions initiated by other students You will receive my support regarding any issues related to the course Check out the curriculum and Freely available lectures for a quick insight Student Testimonials!

This is the second Simpliv class on Matlab I've taken. Already, a couple important concepts have been discussed that weren't discussed in the previous course. I'm glad the instructor is comparing Matlab to Excel, which is the tool I've been using and have been frustrated with. This course is a little more advanced than the previous course I took. As an engineer, I'm delighted it covers complex numbers, derivatives, and integrals. I'm also glad it covers the GUI creation. None of those topics were covered in the more basic introduction I first took.

Jeff Philips

Great information and not talking too much, basically he is very concise and so you cover a good amount of content quickly and without getting fed up!

Oamar Kanji

The course is amazing and covers so much. I love the updates. Course delivers more then advertised. Thank you!

Josh Nicassio

Student Testimonials! who are also instructors in the MATLAB category

"Concepts are explained very well, Keep it up Sir...!!!"

Engr Muhammad Absar Ul Haq instructor of course "Matlab keystone skills for Mathematics (Matrices & Arrays)"

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Who is the target audience?

Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Instructors, College Students, Engineers, Programmers, Simulators Basic knowledge General know how of MATLAB programming What will you learn The essential and unique MATLAB data types necessary for MATLAB programming and data analysis At the end you can confidently use different data types and structures such as Cells, Tables, Time Tables, Structures and Map Containers You will be able to convert between different data types To continue:

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