Keeping yourself productive as a Developer

Keeping yourself productive as a Developer

It might be more simple than you think. Have you ever been exited and filled to the brim with motivation to do a certain task only to find your self slowly becoming less and less productive?


Have you ever been exited and filled to the brim with motivation to do a certain task only to find your self slowly becoming less and less productive?

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That can ruin an otherwise great day, here are some tips that I have discovered to keep that feeling at bay and enjoy your work.

The list

Oh, the humble list, used in programming to arrange data and probably used by thyself to organize tasks that need to be done, in the form of a checklist (if not, I’d be very curious about how to organize pieces of work without one), often called a “TO-DO” list.

Even if it seems so basic and self-evident on how to use, there are ways of making this concept do wonders, which may feel like magic.


The biggest misuse of lists usually boils down to having too few items on the list and not updating it during the life of the said list.

This is because the productiveness of that “TO-DO” list comes from checking items off as part of the endeavor. That is when we really see, in a very condensed way, that we have completed something — the written code itself does not have the same weight to it.

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