Beyond Web 2 0 Django and Python in the Modern Web Ecosystem

Beyond Web 2 0 Django and Python in the Modern Web Ecosystem


Web frameworks like Django emerged in the world of "Web 2.0". That was over 10 years old; and the web that it was built for doesn't really exist any more. Yes, we still need to rapidly develop database-backed, AJAX-enabled websites, but the modern web is faced with new problems and new challenges. Many of those challenges involve interacting with devices that aren't desktop machines, and platforms that aren't a traditional browser. And user expectations of the level of interactivity of modern websites has dramatically increased.

The most popular approaches to addressing this change have been to adopt Javascript across the board. Does this mean we have to abandon Django and Python? Can we keep using Python and Django on the server side and interact with independent client side frameworks? Or can we push Python and Django into these new environments?...

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