Learn Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Advanced Training | Simpliv

Learn Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Advanced Training | Simpliv

Want to master all the elements of Microsoft Excel, and earn a certificate on top of that? That too, at all of $9? Then, enroll today for this excellent opportunity to learn about all the features of MS Excel in all its details. Learn to use shortcuts, formulae, and formatting, to become an ace user.

Description The Excel - Advanced Training session follows on from the Intermediate course, but now it's time to step up a gear from formulas and formatting and get into becoming an Advanced User.

This course comprises of advanced tools such as Goal Seek, Scenarios, Advanced Filtering, Validating entries, Protection techniques, Pivot Tables and Macros.

You'll be able to perform calculations for forecasting and predicting, generate reports from multiple sources and create structured, manageable Pivot Table reports for analysing big data sets.

All the files used on the course are available to download and work alongside each video, or in your own time to try out yourself.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who wants to learn more than formulas and enhance their knowledge to become an Advanced user of Excel Users should have a good understanding of the basics as this is not an introduction level course

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