Prakash  Patra

Prakash Patra


Exploring & Customizing the Excel Visual Basic Editor And Recording Macros

In this video, we explore the VBA Editor, how to customize it, the layout, and we also explore the macro recorder.

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Exploring & Customizing the Excel Visual Basic Editor And Recording Macros
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Gerhard Brink


Data Validation in Excel

Data Validation in Excel

In this tutorial, let’s discuss what data validation is and how it can be implemented in MS-Excel. Let’s start!!!

What Is Data Validation in Excel?

Data Validation is one of the features in MS-Excel which helps in maintaining the consistency of the data in the spreadsheet. It controls the type of data that can enter in the data validated cells.

Data Validation in MS Excel

Now, let’s have a look at how data validation works and how to implement it in the worksheet:

To apply data validation for the cells, then follow the steps.

1: Choose to which all cells the validation of data should work.

2: Click on the DATA tab.

3: Go to the Data Validation option.

4: Choose the drop down option in it and click on the Data Validation.

data validation in Excel

Once you click on the data validation menu from the ribbon, a box appears with the list of data validation criteria, Input message and error message.

Let’s first understand, what is an input message and error message?

Once, the user clicks the cell, the input message appears in a small box near the cell.

If the user violates the condition of that particular cell, then the error message pops up in a box in the spreadsheet.

The advantage of both the messages is that the input and as well as the error message guide the user about how to fill the cells. Both the messages are customizable also.

Let us have a look at how to set it up and how it works with a sample

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Prakash  Patra

Prakash Patra


Exploring & Customizing the Excel Visual Basic Editor And Recording Macros

In this video, we explore the VBA Editor, how to customize it, the layout, and we also explore the macro recorder.

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Fynzo Survey

Fynzo Survey


Fynzo Customer Feedback Software For Cafes, Hotels, Saloons, Spa!

Customer Feedback Tool | Fynzo online customer feedback comes with Android, iOS app. Collect feedback from your customers with tablets or send them feedback links.

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Ananya Gupta


Top 7 Advantages Of Advanced Excel Learning

Advanced Excel Certification offers numerous job opportunities that have come up. Lately, companies search for a talented personality who holds great knowledge in excel. However, simply basic knowledge isn’t sufficient. If you would like to be a part of a well-renowned company then you want to have the excel certification matching industrial standards.

Whether you’re seeking higher growth within an equivalent company or expecting an honest hike from the new company, complicated excel training courses with certification can surely increase your chances to be on the brink of the success ladder. Join an advanced online excel training class and improve your skills.

Know More About Advanced Excel?

The word itself explains the meaning of this course. this is often one quite skill that sets a learning benchmark for MS Excel. It offers a transparent insight to all or any of the simplest and therefore the most advanced features that are now available within the current version of Microsoft Excel.

In this competitive era where your colleagues would equally be striving to urge a far better post than you, if you excel yourself in some good certification courses then surely there’s no looking back for you.

This type of certification is all about brushing up your administration, management, and analytical skills which in today’s market is sort of important. To match up with the flexible needs of the clients, it’s important for you to be advanced and for this such training can certainly be helpful.

Some Mind-Blowing Benefits You Get:

There are ample Excel Training Courses that you simply may encounter, but choosing a certification course in Advanced excel possesses its perks for you also as for the corporate. Listed are a few that you simply got to know.

1.There is a superior recognition that you simply get
2.As compared to non-certified professionals, you occupy the highest at the competition
3.Employers will have you ever within the priority for giant important projects
4.If you’re a freelancer, then such advanced training is often an excellent learning experience
5.For those that wish to urge within the management, the world can have a boosting knowledge
6.Administration skills also get brushed up and a replacement range of job opportunities opens
7.There is an honest hike in PayScale soon after you show your skills and certification to your HR

Quick Tip which will Help:

If you’re getting to join a web course to urge such certification then see thereto that the trainer who is going to be taking care of you during this course is very experienced and may provide you with the simplest possible assistance.

Now you’ll boost your knowledge during a spreadsheet, play with new financial

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August  Larson

August Larson


Python makes spreadsheets Excel’lent

Using Python with VBA to automate Microsoft Excel Workflows

In this age of Data, python has become the most widely adopted language by many developers around the globe. This means that there are many potential libraries sitting there waiting to be utilized.

While python has recently gained the ethos for being the first choice to analyze data and has a very wide spectrum of applications spanning low to heavy usage for many tasks; Microsoft Excel has a history of, and in most cases still is an inevitable tool used to analyze/munge/visualize data.

Imagine if we could utilise the open-source libraries which are available in python for automating our workflows in Excel; It would make our lives super-convenient! Standing on the shoulders of the giant open-source python community which has thousands of packages for many different use-cases, we could utilize their functionality in Excel.

I had one such requirement which I would like to discuss below and with the help of xlwingsI was able to integrate my Excel front-end with python backend through VBA and automate a substantially cumbersome manual process to happen at the click of a button!

This post is therefore mainly aimed at showing you how you could leverage this powerful python package called xlwings for communicating with Excel through VBA and in the process automate some tasks. There could be VBA workarounds for python code but for my particular usecase I wasn’t able to circumvent the need for python because VBA couldn’t do some tasks which a few python libraries like nsepy are capable of doing.

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