Top architecture best practices for large scale React applications

Top architecture best practices for large scale React applications

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React.js is one of the best Javascript libraries available in the market for developers to create unique and amazing websites and web applications. As with the help of React.js merchants can easily improve their performance and the user’s experience. Also, with React.js merchants can easily develop large scale applications at a faster speed than other technologies. However, using it as a team for highly scalable and enterprise-level applications comes with its own challenges, as it does nor has any predefined structures for working on it.

As a result, React.js development companies sometimes have to face annoying hurdles while creating UIs with React.js. To overcome such challenges, it is a must for developers to establish best practices over the course of time. As with the use of best practices they can easily make the best out of the features available in the market and create React.js based products efficiently for a variety of business. With this article, today we will take an in-depth look into some of the major best practices available for React.js development. But before we dive into that, let us take an in-depth look into common issues faced by React.js development companies:

  1. Without best practices, it becomes very difficult for developers to make sense of the structure of their project. As the independent modules won’t have a link to each other, which makes finding functions very hard.

  2. Also, while working as a team, without a proper coding standard, the application might end up with a variety of coding structures and styles. This, in the end, might make the whole application code look like a huge pile of mess.

  3. Also without following proper coding practices, the resuing of coding components also become very tough for merchants.

Top architecture best practices

Now after becoming aware of the major issues faced by developers while creating large scale applications using React.js. It is very crucial for React.js developers to establish best practices during project development. As it will aid them in creating clean, readable, and scalable applications for their client’s business. Also, with the use of architectural best practices, developers can easily speed up their development process to make it more efficient. Below is a detailed list of the common best practices for React.js developers:

  1. In general, the style and function components are created and stored separately for hire React.js developers. However, this approach is not very scalable in the long run as developers need to share these components among their internal projects. The better alternative for such React.js developers is to use a component centric file layout.

  2. Another drawback of not using a solid architecture is the difficulty in importing the components. As in such cases, developers have to give the path for the whole directory, which can be a very time-consuming process. An alternative to this is to use Package.JSON. This makes the whole process much easier and cleaner.

  3. During the development process, to make sure that function module meant for users is not displayed is the visitor module, developers use render for performing sanity checks. However, this whole process can become repetitive, so replacing it with higher-order components is a must to improve the coding standards.

To wrap up React.js is an amazing technology for creating UI and frontend of web applications. However, due to the lack of predefined architecture, developers can mess their coding process while working on large scale applications. Follow the above mentioned best practices while working with React.js for writing cleaner and scalable codes.

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