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Dexter Goodwin


Build an API with Node.js, Express, and TypeScript

Build your next Node.js API with Express and TypeScript

If you’ve been developing a website for weeks or years, you’ve likely built a few applications that serve your standard CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functions for the backend of your site. The core of these backend services tend to be pretty similar, so why not create a reusable boilerplate/template to help get you up and running in no time at all?

Spoiler Alert: This article will give you the boilerplate, or give you some ideas of how to write your Express applications to make them even better! If you are new to Express or TypeScript, this will be a great opportunity to dive into the framework and language with plenty of code examples.

To follow along with this article, clone the code from GitHub. If you have any changes or suggestions, feel free to collaborate on the project.

The files of the boilerplate that will be explained here:

  • Environment
  • App and Server
  • Router and Controller
  • Models

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Build an API with Node.js, Express, and TypeScript