Severn Sands supplying sand and aggregates

Severn Sands supplying sand and aggregates

We Supply Builders Sand, Aggregates and Ready Mix Concrete to businesses and individuals, with collection or delivery throughout Newport, Cardiff, Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Since Severn Sands was established in 1983 by Robert Breen, who still owns and operates the company, they have been supplying sand and aggregates to both builders merchants and the construction industry.

Their competitive pricing and customer service have allowed us to expand into the company they are today, operating throughout Newport, Cardiff, Bristol and the valleys.

They have licences to dredge 500,000 tonnes of sand per annum, using 60 metre dredger, The M. V Penfret, we supply a majority of the national builders merchants, as well as the construction industry directly. While also using the sand in our ready mix concrete operate.

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