How to Fix Error 1935 in MS Office? -

How to Fix Error 1935 in MS Office? -

<strong>Microsoft Office</strong> is made up of a multitude of applications in one package that we use every day. Microsoft Office with its application has been available earlier since 1990, starting from Office 1.0 to Office 365 version of the...

Microsoft Office is made up of a multitude of applications in one package that we use every day. Microsoft Office with its application has been available earlier since 1990, starting from Office 1.0 to Office 365 version of the latest version that works on clouds. It's very easy to install, the only step you have to do is run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to install. It's very easy to install, but still, sometimes we face Error 1935. So now, with the steps given below, we can avoid this Error 1935. product key for free download


Why did it happen?

Here we have mentioned a few possibilities that can lead to this error in your Office program. Read everything carefully to avoid this build error.


  • You could have incompatible setup files for Microsoft Office during installation.
  • Your windows may not be working correctly due to some system files being corrupted due to malware attack.
  • If you kept trying to install MS Office.
  • When you try to install the wrong version of Microsoft Office 2007/2010 on Windows Vista.

Simple Method to Fix Microsoft Office Error 1935:

According to the demand on this blog, we should mention some simple procedures to resolve MS Office Error 1935 from Microsoft Office. You can fix it simply by following these steps. product key for free installation


Method 1: check Microsoft .NET file

If your Microsoft .NET file system is not working well or is damaged then we need to repair it first using the Add and Remove program using the Control Panel.


How to repair this Microsoft .NET system file for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

  • Press Windows Logo and Press R at the same time
  • In the box, type appwiz.cpl to open programs and has applet
  • Find Microsoft .NET System and select it
  • Click on Uninstall / Change option.
  • Now select the Repairing and then click on it.
  • Wait for the process to finish.
  • The setup wizard will now appear. If you have a different version of Microsoft Office .NET Framework, we will again suggest .NET reinstallation.
  • After completing the process, click on Exit.
  • Now install Microsoft Office 2007/2010.
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Method 2: Install Microsoft .NET Application System

If you are still unable to repair the Microsoft .NET Framework for another reason, now you need to download it again and then try to install it on your computer. www office com setup


  • Open any internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other.
  • Download the Microsoft .NET Framework from the Microsoft Support Center website link.
  • Now start the setup file for Microsoft .NET Framework installation.
  • Enter your registered email ID and password to log into the account.
  • Click Install Option.
  • Wait for the Microsoft .NET Framework to install.
  • Install the updated version of MS Office 2007/2010
We hope that based on the above information you would have successfully fixed MS Office Error 1935 for MS Office.

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