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Top 6 Frameworks to Build REST API in Golang Development

In Golang development, there are different designs to accumulate REST API.

What is API?

Programming interface tends to Application Program Interface

What is REST

REST is truncated construction for REpresentational State Transfer. It is compositional style for spread hypermedia structures and was first presented by Roy Fielding in 2000. Lets see various developments to gather a REST API in Golang web progression.


Revel is a high usefulness, full-stack web framework for the Golang advancement.

Revel endeavors to simplify it to hide away web applications using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) plan by relying on shows that require a particular development in an application. Thusly, it is strikingly light on game plan and enables an extraordinarily speedy improvement cycle.

  1. Gin

Gin is a web structure written in Golang. It’s anything but a martini-like API with execution that is up to different events snappier appreciation to httprouter. If you need execution and fantastic practicality, you will treasure Gin.

  1. Martini

Martini is a dumbfounding pack for quickly making express web applications or associations in Golang.

  1. Web.go

Web.go is considered as the most basic web structure under the class of Golang frameworks since it is light in the weight. Thinking about everything, it’s anything but a tree coordinating plan. Web.go will be an optimal choice if you are managing an undertaking that requires a tremendous store of directing.

  1. Gorilla

Pack gorilla/mux executes a mentioning switch and dispatcher for setting everything straight pushing toward deals to their unmistakable director.

The name mux induces “HTTP demand multiplexer”. Like the standard http.ServeMux, mux.Router matches moving closer requests] against a layout of chose courses and thinks about a director for the course that works with the URL or various conditions

  1. Goji

Goji is a HTTP demand multiplexer, as RESTful APIs. It considers advancing toward deals to a speedy outline of chosen Patterns, and dispatches to the Handler that ganders at to the head figuring out Pattern. Goji likewise maintains Middleware (composable shared steadiness applied to each request) and uses the standard setting to store request examined values.

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Top 6 Frameworks to Build REST API in Golang Development