How to Create A Django Project From A Template

How to Create A Django Project From A Template

A Django project template is the natural solution when the default Django project format is not enough anymore. Learn how to make your own in this tutorial.

What is a Django project template? A rather obscure feature of Django is the ability to install a Django project starting from a template, that is, from a custom directory structure.

This is convenient when the default project format is not enough anymore (it isn't as soon as you want to deploy in production, trust me), or when you reached the point where you repeat the same configurations over and over for a lot of Django projects.

A Django project template is nothing more than a pre-defined project with a custom directory structure, and you can create one for yourself in minutes.

An example of a popular Django template is django-cookiecutter. With a wide range of features and configurations ready for rock-solid production deployments, django-cookiecutter is the way to go for almost any new Django project.

However, django-cookiecutter sometimes is simply too much, especially for beginners, and a simpler Django template can help you to grasp the basics before going bigger with django-cookiecutter.

In the next sections you'll learn how to build your own template.


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