Maud  Rosenbaum

Maud Rosenbaum


Do You Really Know JavaScript’s ‘this’ Keyword?

How often has it happened in your professional career where you felt that you knew something but when —

  • you had to explain it to someone or
  • you came across an interesting blog post about it

you patiently told yourself —_ “No, I actually did not know it .”_

If you are a JavaScript developer then there’s a 100% chance this happened to you regarding the this keyword.

Because as they say —

There are only 2 things that are hard in JavaScript — this and everything else.

If you are new to JavaScript and landed here to understand how thethis keywod works, then this is not the right place. Please head to the MDN docs here.

Okay. You are still reading. So you think you are an experienced JavaScript developer who knows this .

Would you mind going through a very quick exercise to prove it?

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Do You Really Know JavaScript’s ‘this’ Keyword?