Blog style Social Media webapp built with Next.js & GraphQL on AWS

Blog style Social Media webapp built with Next.js & GraphQL on AWS

Fullstack webapp deployed on .It's a blog style social media webapp built with Next.js & GraphQL on AWS.

Fullstack webapp deployed on

It's a blog style social media webapp built with Next.js & GraphQL on AWS.


Development tools


  • HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript (ES6)
  • Next.js (React.js)
  • Styled Components


  • Node.js (v12)
  • Express.js
  • GraphQL


  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • @testing-library

AWS services

  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS Appsync
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Congnito
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Route 53
  • AWs CloudFront
  • AWS ElasticSearch

Core features

Integrated with GraphQL and Rest API

Generated fully working APIs from GraphQL schema

Blog system

  • let user submit their post
  • let user add hashtags on their post
  • let user see a list of all posts others uploaded
  • let user see a list of posts the user uploaded
  • let user see a list of options for settings
  • let user delete their post
  • let user edit their post (WIP)
  • let user follow other bloggers (WIP)
  • let user like other posts (WIP)
  • let user comment on a post (WIP)

Authentication flow built with AWS Cognito

  • let user sign up with their email
  • verify user by email
  • let user log in with their username
  • let user log out
  • let user change their password (WIP)
  • let user delete their account (WIP)
  • redirect unauthenticated users (WIP)

Photo upload flow

Implemented a draggable & droppable UI for better user experience

  • let user upload up to 3 photos at once
  • let user drag and drop their photos
  • let user search a photo with their local OS
  • store user-uploaded photos on AWS S3
  • convert formats to webp and resize to fit the window with AWS Lambda (WIP)

Search flow by hashtag

Implemented an auto-suggestion system with a Trie strucutre for faster performance and better user experience.

  • let user search posts by hashtag
  • let user see a list of auto-suggestions

CICD flow built with Amplify & Github

Implemented multi-environments; Master/QA/Prod, and had each domain SSL certified by AWS Certificate Manager to enable HTTPS

Performance optimization

  • image rendering with a loader

Mobile viewport support

  • support desktop viewport (window width greater than 600px)
  • support mobile viewport (window width less than 600px)

Browser compaitibility

  • support Chrome
  • support Firefox
  • support Safari
  • support Edge

Unit-test result

  • set up a testing environment with Jest (WIP)

Web accessbility (with Keyboard)

  • let user sign up
  • let user log in
  • let user browse through nav menus (WIP)
  • let user upload a photo (WIP)
  • let user add hashtags
  • let user submit a post
  • let user search posts by hashtags
  • let user browse a list of auto-suggestions (WIP)


  • redirect based on user's location (WIP)
  • support English
  • support Korean (WIP)

To-do list

  • refactor with Typescript
  • format the code with ESLint, Airbnb Style Guide, and Prettier

Meta Data

Jong-Ho (James) Kim

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Author: Stellar-blog


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