Angular V12: What's All About The New Update!

Angular V12: What's All About The New Update!

Angular v12: What's all about the new update! Angular version 12 has worked on keeping the vision of Ivy everywhere into this latest update. What getting updated to Angular's, you all will be transported to the latest Saas API surface, with the new @use syntax when you edit your application with ng update code. Read here what this latest Angular 12 update has brought to us!

Read here what this latest Angular 12 update has brought to us!

The first quarter of 2021 has been pretty exciting in terms of new updates in Javascript technologies. Angular v12 has been launched just after Node js 16.

The latest update of this Google’s Frontend Framework is here! And it has brought several improvements.

Let's find out if it passes the bar we all have set due to the hype and buzz it has created since last year!

And among other updates and improvements, one prominent one is the legacy view Engine Compiler. But let’s just not get into it; let’s explore every important update that Angular v12 has brought one by one.

If we take the eagle view of this new update and see the bigger picture, Angular version 12 has worked on keeping the vision of Ivy everywhere into this latest update.

As it is assumed that the Angular team has taken the futuristic pragmatic approach in this case scenario, as the view engine will be removed in the nearer specific releases, and to make the developers and library authors hitched to the Ivy is just the beginning to the future transition.

Let’s have a closer look at this exciting latest Angular Update,

Legacy i18n Message-IDs Transition:

In recent times, there are multiple in our i18n system. Numerous IDs are working simultaneously as a legacy format id.

However, the problem is they have fragile nature. Therefore issues regarding formatting templates, whitespace, and ICU expressions arise eventually.

The latest canonical message-id is intuitive and robust in nature, allowing the user to reduce excess translation invalidation.

This update will also reduce the retranslation coset in web applications and where the translation does not match each other.

Nullish Coalescing

The nullish coalescing operator has bee n turned out a beneficial hand while compiling cleaner codes for a significant period.

Now Angular team has announced the advantage of the nullish coalescing operator can be taken in the latest Angular v12 as well in the templates.

Let’s take the example here. To simplify messy conditionals, the Angular Developers can use the below syntax for a better approach.

{{ age ?? calculateAge() }}

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