Faster Discounted Sum of Rewards

Some of the new reinforcement learning algorithms are using a discounted sum of rewards somewhere in their reward function.

Operators in JavaScript | Calculate Discount

Operators in JavaScript | Calculate Discount. This is a new JavaScript course designed, created and recorded fresh in 2020. This course will give you a fantastic start for your javascript journey. After this course you can move to reactjs, AngularJS, NodeJS and many other such JS libraries and framework.

Display the default discounted price and percentage on Woocommerce products

I am trying to display the percentage discount of a product on Woocommerce. The solution originally provided (linked below) works, however the discount percentage doesn't display if there is a default product variation set. Only when the selection is changed to another variation does the percentage discount appear. How would I modify the code to display the percent discount immidiately - without having to select another variation?

Role of IoT in Remotely Monitoring & Managing Refrigerated Containers

Discussing the working of a refrigerated container along with the application of Internet of Things in tracking and controlling them remotely in real-time.

Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain

A Metric for Evaluating Recommendation Engines. Doyou remember the awkward moment when someone you had a good conversation with forgets your name?