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The Ultimate Brainstorming Exercise! (10 Minutes Long)

One of the most common types of workshops that every designer, PM or consultant will have to run in their lives is the plain and simple Brainstorming Workshop.

There are literally billions of Brainstorming workshop styles out there you can choose from…

But, many of them are completely broken because of one big thing:
They end up being big, messy discussions where the loudest person wins… or where the boss wins.

This is because many Brainstorming techniques don’t take human-nature, implied hierarchies or even varied personalities into consideration.

Well, in this simple, 10-minute Brainstorming exercise, you can be sure you’re going to get some great ideas on the table without a lot of pointless discussion and tension.In this video AJ&Smart CEO and Workshop expert, Jonathan Courtney, shares a step-by-step guide on how to run one of the most effective brainstorming workshops around, the ’10-For-10’!

(00:16) - Introduction
(01:18) - Overview of the Process
(05:31) - How To Run

Workshop name:
10 for 10

Workshop reason:

Workshop outcome:
A curated list of solutions and ideas for a challenge…

Time: 10 minutes

Materials needed:
A block of Square Sticky notes per person(any colour)

  • A sharpie per person
  • a Time Timer or similar visual timer
  • Voting Dots (any colour)

Minimum participants: 2
Maximum participants: 10 per table

10 for 10 is the fastest, easiest and most commonly used brainstorming method at AJ&Smart!

It’s lightweight, fun and super useful! The only thing you need to start a 10 for 10 session is a topic. Since you can use this method to brainstorm almost anything, there are very few limitations, still, it’s always better to give some examples:

  • Generating ideas for a company event

  • Generating ideas for new features for an app

  • Generating ideas for new facebook ad copy

  • Generating headline ideas for a new landing page

  • Generating ideas to improve your office environment

All you have to do as the facilitator of a 10 for 10 session is turn the topic you want to Brainstorm into a “How Might We” phrased challenge.

This is very simple. Essentially you are rephrasing whatever challenge or topic you have into something that is actionable!

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The Ultimate Brainstorming Exercise! ( Ten For Ten)


The Ultimate Brainstorming Exercise! (10 Minutes Long)