Dev Flutter Proof

Dev Flutter Proof

Dev Flutter Proof .Flutter developer test

Dev Flutter Proof

Arnaldo Marchesotti Sales


  1. Use Flutter's stable channel;
  2. Make use of good development practices;
  3. Use concepts of componentization and reuse;
  4. Build the sign in layout, without integration;
  5. Build the conversion layout together with the integration;
  6. Build the history layout together with the integration. All conversions must be saved and displayed whenever the user accesses the app;
  7. Bonus:
  • Use of some state management;
  • Use of some route management;
  • Use of some dependency injection;


This project was developed using the stableFlutter channel .

The first screen is the Login screen, where the user must enter a User and Password to continue.

Right after the Login process, we have the main page, the Home. It is where the user can enter the value, choose the currency to be based on and also the desired currency to calculate. Both the list of base currencies and the desired currency are ListView, that is, it is possible to drag up or down to find new values.

To get to the History, you can click on the Dock Bar or drag the screen to the side.

Download Details:

Author: Marchesotti

Source Code:

flutter dart mobile-apps

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