Shubham Ankit

Shubham Ankit


HTML Page Tutorial with CSS and JavaScript

Learn how to build a landing page with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in this step-by-step website tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn how to write semantic HTML, style websites with CSS, and how to create an animated menu icon with JavaScript. You will also learn how to create responsive websites with CSS using media queries.

This tutorial is a great introduction to HTML and CSS for beginners, but it’s also great for someone looking to learn how to use CSS grid and CSS flexbox to create modern web design projects.


Introduction: 0:00

Create the HTML Boilerplate Project: 1:12

Create the CSS File and Other Website Files: 1:48

How to Create Optimized Images for the Web Using Figma and ImageOptim: 2:23

How to Use Google Fonts on Website: 5:22

Write the HTML for the Webpage: 8:05

Aria Role and Label for Web Accessibility:9:39

Style the Webpage with CSS: 19:48

Scale Fonts with REM Units: 59:50

Make the Website Responsive with CSS Media Queries: 1:02:53


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HTML Page Tutorial with CSS and JavaScript