This is Structured Data - Search Engine Journal

This is Structured Data - Search Engine Journal

An easy description of structured data, what it is, what it does and how it can help you. This is an introduction to structured data that explains what structured data is, in plain English.

This is an introduction to structured data that explains what structured data is, in plain English. Once you finish reading this you should have a better idea of what structured data is and how it can benefit you.

The goal is to demystify structured data.

What is Structured Data?

In the most general sense, Structured Data is information (data) that is organized (structured).

Organized information is what structured data is. Information that is organized.

Marking Up Structured Data

When dealing with structured data you’re going to hear phrases like, “_marking up structured data_” and “_structured data markup._”

Marking up” structured data means creating the structured data code.

Markup means a computing language. HTML is a markup language.

HTML organizes the web page content that a site visitor sees and the code that helps the browser display that web page (code that the site visitor does not see).

The HTML also contains informational content meant for search engines. That content is called Meta Data.

Structured Data is a Markup Language

Structured data is a markup language, too. Like HTML, it takes content (data) and communicates it to search engines so that they can display that information in an attractive manner in the search results.

Similar to the meta description element in HTML, structured data is also a form of meta data.

The content in structured data makes it easy for search engines to understand what images and content are about and accurately display it in the search results.

Examples of the kind of data that is organized by structured data is the name of a product, review content, ratings, and images.

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