Space Science with Python — Asteroid Project

Space Science with Python — Asteroid Project

Space Science with Python — Asteroid Project. Part 21 of the tutorial series starts with a first science project: The detectability of so called Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).


This is the 21st part of my Python tutorial series “Space Science with Python”. All codes that are shown here are uploaded on [GitHub_]( Enjoy!_


In our last 20 Space Science with Python tutorials we have learned some astro-dynamical basics, miscellaneous Python libraries and tools that are helpful for a space scientist and we worked on a few use cases (like the comet 67P, the movement of Venus in the sky any many more).

We have a solid skillset to start working on a first science project. This science project shall cover miscellaneous tasks and ideas that I will address in the following.

Please note: we will not work on a scientific paper. Though some scientific insights could be merged and written in a publication. The purpose of this project is to get a feeling how one could define and work on a scientific objective. Further, by developing a Python library we provide a sustainable solution that can be used by us and other (free-time) scientists to extend the ideas.

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