GitHub Actions to guard your workflow by Evrone

GitHub Actions to guard your workflow by Evrone

Read an article on how to use the GitHub Actions Evrone wrote to run rubocop, brakeman, reek, fasterer, hadolint, and dotenv-linter linters on your project.

Modern development is so complex that it is simply impossible to keep everything in mind, especially various practices for writing code. This is where linters come to the rescue. They help maintain certain standards in the project and keep the code base in order.

At Evrone, we develop projects in a variety of programming languages, including Ruby, Go, Rust, Python, Elixir, etc., and we connect different linters to each project. To make sure our code meets all quality standards, we run linters using CI services for every commit submitted to GitHub.

It is very important to us that the result of linters' work is always visible on GitHub, for example, in the form of comments to pull requests. To do this, we use reviewdog, which automates code review and provides seamless integration of any linter with GitHub.

As cool as reviewdog is, we still had to spend time setting up CI services to run linters for each project. But that all changed when GitHub announced GitHub Actions, a new tool for automating workflows. Having switched to GitHub Actions, we decided to write our own actions to run popular linters.

Find all the GitHub actions in the full article.

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