NLP in Tensorflow

NLP in Tensorflow

In this article, I’ll walk you through my experience to code a model that will learn some Ed Sheeran songs and try to create some first sentences for a song.

Writing a song is one of the hardest tasks ever. In this article, I’ll walk you through my experience to code a model that will learn some Ed Sheeran songs and try to create some first sentences for a song. I’m well aware here that it should be better to make a model that creates audio and not just a poem because the work of Ed Sheeran is mainly catchy rhythms that stick in our minds. However, I didn’t want to create Shakespeare’s text. I wanted something more modern. It should be awesome to create song lyrics with its audio band but let’s focus here to create lyrics first, one step at a time!

Let’s dive in!

For the basics concepts of my code please take a look at my article NLP in Tensorflow: Sentiment analysis

So first of all, let’s import the libraries and the source file of some Ed Sheeran’s songs. I took the two last albums to start our training. You can find it on my Github here.

After tokenization, sequencing, and padding we’re ready to predict. Generating a text is predicting for each next word which word from our corpus would it be. An almost simple multi-class prediction isn’t it?! Yeah almost!

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