DevOps Vs Agile Methodology- A Comparison

DevOps Vs Agile Methodology- A Comparison

Evolution of software development has three important milestones. Waterfall method focused on the tim...

Evolution of software development has three important milestones. Waterfall method focused on the time required to release a product, then agile methodology which optimized the development life-cycle. Now, DevOps seeks to unite development and operations to work together as a single team. It expands efficiency, improves coordinated effort, and conveys predominant items. It improves productivity, collaboration and delivers superior products. Embracing agile and DevOps practices in software development presents a challenge to many. First step to overcome this issue is understanding the difference between agile and devops. Here we’ll see the difference between DevOps vs Agile. Before digging to the comparison, let us see overview of Devops and agile.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development method that focuses on communication, integration and collaboration among IT professionals for rapid deployment of products. Also, it is a culture that promote collaboration between development and operation team. DevOps allows to deploy code to production rapidly and in an automated way. It also helps to increase an organization’s speed to deliver app and services. It can be defined as an alignment of development and IT operation.

Goal Of DevOps-

  • It focuses on creation of a culture for continuous improvement and innovation using experimentation and learning.
  • DevOps works on CALMS- culture, automation, lean, measurement, and sharing.
  • One can employ automation to attain better software delivery performance, that has a positive impact on organization in terms of revenue, net worth and customer satisfaction.
  • With an inclusive team, you can easily prepare, deploy and deliver software after testing without sacrificing quality if you have proper documentation. What Is Agile? KNow more at-

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