Measuring Temperature with Arduino - 5 Sensors

Measuring Temperature with Arduino - 5 Sensors

Today I’ll show you five different temperature sensors that you can easily use with an Arduino.

Today I’ll show you five different temperature sensors that you can easily use with an Arduino.

We have measured temperature in previous Arduino projects, usually using the trusty DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor. For non-critical applications, it certainly works and has the added advantage of also reading humidity.

But there are many other temperature sensors you can use with an Arduino, all of them fairly inexpensive. Many of these sensors offer improved performance over the DHT22 (and its cousin the DHT11).

Today we'll start with the DHT22 and use an Adafruit library to get it working quickly. Then we’ll move on to some other temperature sensors:

The AM2320, a similar device to the DHT22 that uses the I2C bus to communicate.

The TMP36 and LM35 precision temperature sensors. These devices output a calibrated linear analog voltage to represent temperature.

And a real high-precision sensor, the MCP9808 module from Adafruit.

Here is what you can expect to see today:

00:00 - Introduction 02:18 - DHT22 08:37 - AM2320 13:27- TMP36 & LM35 21:09 - MCP9808



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