Do you want to increase your pharmacy business with a medicine delivery app ?

Do you want to increase your pharmacy business with a medicine delivery app ?

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The online pharmacy market in Europe is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 14% during the period 2019-2025.

The trend from offline to online pharmacies is growing in the regional markets such as France, Germany, Italy, and Spain due to growing internet penetration, high prevalence of chronic diseases, rise in self-medication, and improved awareness of online pharmacy benefits.

France and Italy have emerged as the established markets (Second and third-largest markets) that are contributing a significant share to Europe’s online pharmacy market. The relaxation of regulations in Europe for OTC medicines’ online sales has enabled Germany to witness steady growth with a shareholding of 56% of the market shares.

The pharmacy businesses across Europe are moving into mobile orbits to bolster the business with a strong online presence, increase sales, and strengthen customer relationships after looking at the people’s growing preferences towards online pharmacy delivery.

Take a sneak peek inside at- How vital the medicine delivery apps are?

  1. Maintain privacy
  2. Improved buying experience
  3. Hassle-free delivery
  4. Push notifications
  5. Detailed info on medications
  6. Prices are competitive
  7. Paid advertising for quality traffic
  8. Support and maintenance services

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Getting your pharmacy searched by the local people holds a lot of importance because many times people search for nearby pharmacies on Google. That’s why it makes perfect sense to list and update your business on Google My Business to get your pharmacy store found by the local people. Read more : Local seo tips for small business

Also, you can list your business on local directories such as,, and others to provide important information about your pharmacy. The second thing is to start blogging which’s a powerful weapon, which has helped in driving more leads and increasing conversion rate. Guest posting works wonders in improving the website’s ranking and revenue.

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