How native is React Native? | React Native vs Native App Development

Article covers: How native is react native?, React Native vs (Ionic, Cordova), Similarities and difference between React Native and Native App Development.

How to Setup React Router v5 using React Hooks

React Router library makes the navigation experience of the client in your web page application more joyful, but how?! React Router, indeed, prevent the page from being refreshed. Thus the blank page resulted from a refreshed page is not...

React Router Tutorial in Hindi | React Router Dom in Hindi in 2020

What is React-Router, anyway? Many modern websites are actually made up of a single page, they just look like multiple pages because they contain components that render like separate pages. These are usually referred to as SPAs - single-page applications. At its core, what React Router does is conditionally render certain components to display depending on the route being used in the URL (/ for the home page, /about for the about page, etc.).

Basics of React Router v4

Getting started with React Router v4 and basic concepts of application design using nested routes. Since React (ReactJS) is just a view library, it’s really hard for us - end users to find suitable modules to add different capabilities to our application which works seemingly well with React. Angular on other hand ships some of these things right out the box like HTTP module, Router module, Animation module etc., but that’s a very different story, not that I have a problem with React.

React JS crash course tutorial - React router

This tutorial introduces the concept of react routing.