How Secure is Cloud? | #dailyDBA 29

How Secure is Cloud? | #dailyDBA 29

0:01 #dbaChallenge: What is the difference between soft parsing and hard parsing?

0:01 #dbaChallenge: What is the difference between soft parsing and hard parsing?

Questions Picked-up For This Episode:

1:03 What are the contents of oracle inventory file and in which format does it exists? 4:25 #dba Challenge!

5:00 How will you calculate the initial size of the database?  How would you recommend the storage of datafiles, control files, redo log files etc?

7:19 How will cloud put the DBA role into a better position?

10:56 How secure my data is in the cloud?

15:24 Why do I see multiple values under FAL_SERVER?

Bonus Question 17:38 Who should be nervous about cloud?

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