RavenDB 5.1: Empowering Your Queries

RavenDB 5.1: Empowering Your Queries

Learn about the latest release of RavenDB 5.1 which is a powerful database and the recent 5.1 release gives you a lot more options about how you can work with your data and process it.

RavenDB has been around for a while. The first production deployment (the backend for monitoring bird migration patterns in Norway) went live on Nov 2010. After a decade of working on the database, I thought that I had a pretty good idea about the kind of features that RavenDB has and what is the direction the project is going.

In RavenDB 5.1, among other features, we added the ability to access the contents of an attachment during the indexing process. This means your indexing function can operate on attachments of documents and thus make the content of the attachment available for queries.

database ravendb 5.1 empowering your queries

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