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複雑なソフトウェアプロジェクトをナビゲートし、不確実な時代をリードする - InfoQ Live 9/23

9月23日に開催予定の、ソフトウェアエンジニアとアーキテクトのための仮想イベントのInfoQ Liveは、複雑なソフトウェアプロジェクトのリードがテーマである。今、エンジニアに対して、かつてないほどリーダシップの発露が求められている。急進的な変革の実現に始まり、複雑なソフトウェアプロジェクトの管理、他の人々が見落とした機会の発見に至るまで、エンジニアは、現代において価値のあるリーダになるべくレベルアップを続けている。しかしながら、リーダシップの課題を乗り越えて価値を創造する上で、今、どのような分野に注目すればよいのだろうか?

InfoQ Liveには、Red HatのGlobal Transformation Officeでシニアディレクタを務めるJohn Willis氏や、FTでオペレーションとリライアビリティを担当するテクニカルディレクタのSarah Wells氏など、世界クラスの実践家が参加して、ソフトウェアエンジニアリングリーダシップに関する価値ある洞察や実践的アドバイスを提供してくれる。この仮想イベントでは、次のような実践的方法について詳細に検討する。

  • 複雑な技術的プロジェクトをナビゲートし、他チームとのコーディネートを行うことにより、必要とされるビジネス成果を提供する
  • "クラウドネイティブ"への移行を成功させるための文化的考察に関する計画
  • 成果改善におけるチームダイナミクスの重要性に対する理解
  • 不確実な時代におけるチームのリード

InfoQ Liveと同時に、ソフトウェア実践家たちによるライブパネルディスカッションのInfoQ Roundtablesが2件、オプションとして実施される。

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複雑なソフトウェアプロジェクトをナビゲートし、不確実な時代をリードする - InfoQ Live 9/23
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Alex Sam


Top Chat Software for Live Streaming & Broadcasting Web & Mobile Apps

Do you Increase your Website Engagment? 

I analysed, ranked and reviewed best live video streaming chat APIs and SDKs for your web & mobile app based on client reviews and ratings. portfolio, usecases, cost, secure streaming, live chat features, cost, support, etc.

Turn your viewers into participatients with Live Streaming Chat Solutions. There are lot of Real-time chat apis & SDks Providers have in online market now. You can easily integrte and customize real time chat solutions into your new or existing live video streaming web and iOS & android applications. Below have mentioned best real time chat api & SDk Proivders.

Live video streaming chat api
Live video streaming chat apis

Here are The Most Popular Live Video Streaming Chat APIs & SDKs to be Considered for your Mobile App

1. CONTUS Fly - Real-time Messaging Platform for Live Streaming Apps & Webs

CONTUS Fly is one of the leading real time messaging software providers in the market for a decade. Their messaging platforms are completely customizable since they provide Chat APIs and SDKs to integrate real time chat feasibility on your live streaming applications irrespective of audience base. Engage your audience like a live concert, stadium like experience through digitally. Create channels for every live streaming event, sports or anything that would create buzz. Enable audience to interact with each other over voice, video chats and real-time text chats with engaging emojis. CONTUS Fly enables users to add emojis and stickers to captivate each audience and create fun.

Highlight Features of CONTUS Fly Live Video Streaming Platform Includes:

  1. Chat for Live Video Streaming
  2. Video & Audio Recording
  3. Video Calling
  4. Drawing whitebord
  5. Screen Sharing
  6. End to End Encryption

2. Apphitect -Instant chat for Live Streaming Platforms

To make every live streaming and broadcasting videos more engaging and entertaining, Apphitect’s instant messaging comes with exciting Instant messaging chat APIs to add chat into streaming applications. Apphitect is built with multiple real time communication features like video chat, voice chat and real-time chat to your streaming apps. Their solution surprisingly has a wide range of features to communicate, engage and increase subscription benefits.

Highlight Features of Apphitect Live Insterative Broadcasting Software Includes:

  1. Live Video Streaming Chat
  2. Cross Platform Support
  3. Audio & Video Recording
  4. Live Video Calling
  5. Emoji & Stickers

3. MirrorFly - Enterprise Real Time Chat for Streaming Websites

One of the enterprise-grade real-time chat solutions built to create virtual chat experience for live streaming events and websites for big brands and startups. Irrespective of audience base, category, MirrorFly provides customizable real time chat APIs to add virtual communication mediums on live streaming and broadcasting applications. Their solution comes with absolute moderation tools and open channels to talk and listen with your audience. MirrorFly’s server infrastructure has the potential to handle concurrent messages and users and to achieve maximum sales conversion.

Highlight Features of MirrorFly Live Streaming Chat API Includes:

  1. Face to Face Video Calling
  2. Live Interactive Broadcasting
  3. Call Recording
  4. Digital Whiteboard
  5. Group Video Calling

4. Applozic - Real-time Chat Plugin for Live Broadcasting & Video Streaming apps

When it comes to building a live streaming chat app software that covers the entire platforms and demand All-in-One package (features, Customization to any extent) with a one-time payment for lifetime performance, then undoubtedly Contus Fly makes the right choice to partner with. The company offers live broadcasting SDK for Android/iOS and chat APIs for customization.

Highlight Features of Applozic Chat Live Streaming Platform Includes:

  1. Real time Communication
  2. Cross Platform Support
  3. Live Audio Broadcasting
  4. Push Notifications
  5. Secure Image Sharing

5. Sendbird - Top Real time Chat for Live Video Streams

Being a leading real time chat platform provider in the market, Sendbird has its own hallmark of communication features to the world’s most prominent live streaming applications. Their real time chat solution enables broadcasting and streaming platform’ owners to create a physical equivalent digital chat experience for the audience during any live event streaming to interact, collaborate and cheer together within the same streaming screen. By creating open channels and groups, you can enable the audience to interact with each other during any streaming, engage them with polls, stickers, multiple communication channels and more.

Highlight Features of Sendbird Live Streaming Chat API Includes:

  1. Chat for Streaming website
  2. Messaging Data
  3. Multi Platforms
  4. Push Notifications
  5. End to End Encryption

6. Agora - Interactive Live Chat for Live Video Streaming

Agora, a deep integratable API available in the market to deliver live interactive streaming experience for workplace, enterprises, gaming, retail, telehealth and social live streaming websites. With easy-to-embed SDKs, Agora empowers businesses to add HD and low latency video and voice chat features into any streaming platforms and channels. Their easy-to-embed real time chat features encourage higher levels of user engagement and opportunity to drive more audience.

7. Enablex - A Redefined Communication APIs for In-app Chat

Their smart and secure chat APIs deliver real-time chat feasibility for live and on-demand video streaming websites. The real time chat features provides users to communicate and engage within the same streaming platform irrespective of interaction medium and audience count. Enablex offers platform-as-a-service communication solutions for real time messaging integration with APIs hosting possibility on public, private and cloud deployment. Their APIs are enriched with multiple communication features and engagement tools like live-polls, stickers and more.

8. Pubnub - In-app Chat Platforms for Live Event Streaming Websites

In order to increase user engagement with live and remote audiences, Pubnub offers real time messaging chat functionality with interactive features to drive event-based engagement with mass chat. Their in-app chat feature enhances live programs, event streaming and blogging content with live polling, multiple chats and more. It also enables live streaming websites to build community, channels and super groups during live streaming to bring the entire audience base to one place.

9. Vonage - Communication APIs for In-app Messagings

Vonage is a prime provider of communication APIs for major industrial sectors and enterprise workplaces. With its API, businesses such as live streaming applications can integrate in-app messaging features into any streaming platforms on Android, iOS and Web to empower user engagement. Their APIs are powered with scalable infrastructure and provide multiple communication mediums such as in-app voice, video and chat proactively engaging the audience.

10. Firekast - Live Chat Widget for Video Streaming Player

Firekast provides a customizable live chat widget with HTML code for streaming players to enable chat within any streaming or on-demand videos. The chat widget gives the ability for brands and content owners to make the audience to interact with each other for better engagement and proactivity during streaming. The Firekast Live chat comes with moderator tools that will allow administrators to delete or ban abusive content and users from the channel or groups. Firekast’s live chat comes with a private chat widget to create public or private chat rooms to make effective collaboration and discussions.

And this is all the real time chat providers in the market to implement chat functionality in any live streaming or broadcasting platforms. More than delivering entertaining live content, creating a massive engagement and buzz for every live event is the smarter way to turn every audience into a protiable subscriber. Picking up the right software provider is more important than just handling the integration process.

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Julie  Donnelly

Julie Donnelly


複雑なソフトウェアプロジェクトをナビゲートし、不確実な時代をリードする - InfoQ Live 9/23

9月23日に開催予定の、ソフトウェアエンジニアとアーキテクトのための仮想イベントのInfoQ Liveは、複雑なソフトウェアプロジェクトのリードがテーマである。今、エンジニアに対して、かつてないほどリーダシップの発露が求められている。急進的な変革の実現に始まり、複雑なソフトウェアプロジェクトの管理、他の人々が見落とした機会の発見に至るまで、エンジニアは、現代において価値のあるリーダになるべくレベルアップを続けている。しかしながら、リーダシップの課題を乗り越えて価値を創造する上で、今、どのような分野に注目すればよいのだろうか?

InfoQ Liveには、Red HatのGlobal Transformation Officeでシニアディレクタを務めるJohn Willis氏や、FTでオペレーションとリライアビリティを担当するテクニカルディレクタのSarah Wells氏など、世界クラスの実践家が参加して、ソフトウェアエンジニアリングリーダシップに関する価値ある洞察や実践的アドバイスを提供してくれる。この仮想イベントでは、次のような実践的方法について詳細に検討する。

  • 複雑な技術的プロジェクトをナビゲートし、他チームとのコーディネートを行うことにより、必要とされるビジネス成果を提供する
  • "クラウドネイティブ"への移行を成功させるための文化的考察に関する計画
  • 成果改善におけるチームダイナミクスの重要性に対する理解
  • 不確実な時代におけるチームのリード

InfoQ Liveと同時に、ソフトウェア実践家たちによるライブパネルディスカッションのInfoQ Roundtablesが2件、オプションとして実施される。

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Fix Windows Live Mail Login Problems | Call +1-888-857-5157

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When you are trying to login into Windows Live Mail Account and you forget your login credentials, then you are unable to access your account. If you want immediate help to fix Windows Live Mail Login Problems, so you can dial our toll-free number and talk to our email expert customer support team. Our team of professionals provides an exact solution related to your own issues. We are always ready to guide you in any possible manner.

How To Fix Windows Live Mail Login Password Issue

  • Make sure you’re typing the right email id and password combination. once we have different online accounts, it’s common to exchange passwords. If you discover it difficult to recollect the password, use a password manager app. With such apps you would like to recollect just one password, that’s the password of the app itself.
  • If you’re 100% sure that your password is correct, check the Caps Lock. Passwords are case-sensitive so use the Caps Lock accordingly.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and shut it. Open it again and check out to check-in.
  • Try signing in from a special browser.
  • Try these tips to ascertain which one works for you. If you can’t access your account through the following pointers, Microsoft offers a password reset option for the Windows Live Mail account.

Windows Live Mail Password Reset

Follow the steps to reset your password:

  • Go to the official login page (You must be there already.)

  • Enter your email id. Click ‘Next.’

  • On the screen that follows, find the ‘Forgot my password’ link below the ‘Sign in’ button. Click it.

  • You will be redirected to the ‘Change Windows Live Mail Password’ page.

  • forgot my password windows live mail

  • Select from the explanations why you can’t check-in. Click ‘Next.’

  • Enter the e-mail address you used for check-in. this might be an email with Microsoft domain (hotmail.com or outlook.com) or the other like gmail.com or yahoo.com.

  • Enter the characters you see within the CAPTCHA. This identifies that you simply aren’t a robot and it’s not an effort to hack your account. Click ‘Next.’

  • If you’ve got entered the safety (recovery) details at the time of check-in, you’ll receive a security code on your telephone number or alternate email id.

  • Enter the safety within the field provided and click on ‘Next.’

  • You can now set a replacement password for your account and regain access.

  • If you haven’t provided any security option or can’t access it, click on the ‘I can’t access this verification option’ link.

  • You will be redirected to a page where you’ll enter the other alternate email address which you’ll access. Enter it and click on ‘Next.’

  • Enter the safety code you received and click on ‘Next.’

  • You can now reset your password and check in to your account with this new password.

If you’ve got any issues with the reset process, contact Windows Live Mail Support and the repair team for help.

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Ian  Robinson

Ian Robinson


Designing for Failure in the BBC's Analytics Platform

Last week at InfoQ Live, Blanca Garcia-Gil, principal systems engineer at BBC, gave a session titled Evolving Analytics in the Data Platform. During this session, Garcia-Gil focused on how her team prepared and designed for failure.

The BBC maintains a data platform to understand their audiences better to help them make the most of what the BBC has to offer. They operate their platform on AWS, and the analytics pipeline is the highest scale data pipeline built by the team. It handles billions of messages per day, and its associated data lake is at Petabytes scale.

As the team designed the pipeline, they planned for two types of failure modes - “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns.” Known unknowns are failures that the team can predict might happen. Metrics, logging, and monitoring dashboards are the primary tools used to handle this type of failure. Unknown unknowns, on the other hand, are failures that they can’t control or predict. Garcia-Gil says that it’s inefficient to anticipate and plan for each of these failures, so they need to have the tooling to investigate those issues as they happen. This tooling has eventually benefitted Garcia-Gil’s team in different ways, such as abstracting detail from those who do not need to be aware of it and significantly reducing the time to solve incidents.

The following diagram depicts the pipeline architecture, which is, in part, an outcome of designing for failure.

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BSE tec

BSE tec


The future of live streaming in the business of entertainment

The entertainment industry is rapidly becoming dominated by technology and people no longer rely only on television and radio for entertainment. The way we view major events has evolved in the digital era. Whether it's a new rocket launch into space, a prominent musician performing, or the year's great Superbowl, there will undoubtedly be cameras broadcasting everything live on the web.

Nowadays, the bulk of viewers watch live streams but, when the COVID-19 pandemic halted all event gatherings in 2020, the slow move to digital media intensified rapidly.

Since then, we've seen a huge increase in home entertainment. Periscope live streaming services of all types were extensively used to help people get through a difficult period. During the pandemic's peak, Netflix reached just shy of 200 million active users on its video live streaming platform, a new high for the company. Other live streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and Hulu, also witnessed significant growth. As soon as stay-at-home directives were implemented, the media rushed to adapt to the internet platform. Needless to say, the video streaming industry is on its way to becoming much bigger, with a predicted value of $149.24 billion by 2026.

Learn Become A Successful Entrepreneur With A Video Streaming Platform Like BigoLive clone

How can you utilize live streaming app for your business?

  • Hosting a Q&A session– Periscope clone script Q&A is the most engaging of all live broadcasts, bringing a personal touch and a human aspect to the proceedings. The audience may ask the expert on the other end of the screen a range of questions about the brand, and the expert will respond with answers that are pertinent to promoting the brand. This not only aids in brand identification but also aids in brand awareness.
  • Behind the scenes– Bigo live clone script People enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes with your brand. It might be a performance, a product introduction, or a celebration, for example. By displaying what is going on in the background, you may get a sense of how the brand operates on the inside. Who works there, for example.
  • Launch new items– Introducing new products in a live video session is a sure-fire method to attract a large number of visitors, as many people will get familiar with you through your product, and you will be able to earn direct purchases through your best live streaming app script. It informs people about your company and how they may profit from it.
  • Host live competitions and giveaways– Contests and giveaways encourage individuals to post their profiles and links on social media, which helps many companies thrive. Hosting the giveaway 'live' may help the business reach a far wider audience, and the life dynamics will be incredible. It will offer the brand a slight boost in recognition.
  • Choosing a relevant topic– In order for people to trust your brand, you must keep in mind what your audience is looking for. Choosing a particular topic that resonates with their requirements will help you create a rapport and relationship with your prospective consumers.

Read How to Promote Your Business With Live Video Streaming


If you want to build a live platform for your businessStreamBiz is the Bigo live clone app script – inspired by BSEtec's Periscope clone – that can take your business from good to outstanding. Please contact BSEtec for further details.

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