20 Useful WordPress Functions Developers Should Know

20 Useful WordPress Functions Developers Should Know

WordPress has useful functions for developers to use. Find the list of popular WordPress functions you must have known as a WordPress Developer.

WordPress is a powerful platform for Web development for developers as well as common users. It has a great collection of functions which makes it an imperious tool with an easy learning curve.

Function files are commonly known as functions.php file in a WordPress theme file. This file allows you to define each and every function. WordPress can be customized and offers the desired performance with exposure to hundreds of functions which is easy to install. 

In this blog, we will take a look into the popular WordPress functions every WordPress Developer should know as a professional.

List of WordPress Functions

  1. get_theme_mod()
  2. apply_filters()
  3. add_filter()
  4. get_option()
  5. esc_url()
  6. absint()
  7. get_template_part()
  8. is_singular()
  9. get_post_type()
  10. get_the_ID()
  11. the_content()
  12. have_posts()
  13. post_class()
  14. the_ID()
  15. get_permalink()
  16. get_the_title()
  17. get_footer()
  18. wp_nav_menu()
  19. add_section()
  20. current_user_can()

1. get_theme_mod()


get_theme_mod(string $name, string|false $default = false)


get_theme_mod() is used to filter the theme modification, retrieve all the theme modifications.

Add this below code in wp-includes/theme.php to do the same.

Function get_theme_mod($name, $default = false) {

$mod = get_theme_mods();

if( isset( $mod [ $name ] ) ) {

Return apply_filters( "theme_mod_{$name}", $mod[ $name ]);


if ( is_string( $default ) ) {

        // Only run the replacement if an sprintf() string format pattern was found.

        if ( preg_match( '#(?<!%)%(?:\d+$?)?s#', $default ) ) {

            $default = sprintf( $default, get_template_directory_uri(), get_stylesheet_directory_uri() );



return apply_filters( "theme_mod_{$name}", $default );


In header.php add, 

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