Drive More Customers On Your Facebook Shop Through Facebook Business Page

Drive More Customers On Your Facebook Shop Through Facebook Business Page

A complete guide for online sellers to sell on Facebook Shop in 2020 by creating a dedicated business page & steps to create your own personalized Facebook shop.

Facebook has succeeded to win the hearts of people in the social arena. Despite, the emergence of as many as tens of social media platforms, none of them have been able to overshadow the power of Facebook. This is the reason why Facebook stands second to none as far as eCommerce potential in concerned. In the contemporary world, every business house makes its presence on Facebook by creating a Facebook business page. Here are the top reasons tips for creating a business page on Facebook including Facebook Business Page Tips in 2019 that you must not miss.

What is the Facebook Business Page?

The Facebook business page is a privilege given by Facebook to the business houses willing to widespread their presence and customer base through Facebook. Facebook Business page bridges the gap between your business ideas, services and stocks and the prospective customers present on Facebook. Read what all benefits you will owe to the Facebook business page, once you know how to optimize it.

What Are The Benefits Of Facebook Business Page?

Timeless Availability – Having an online business has this unprecedented benefit of being present all the time. Your store or shop never gets closed for prospective customers to look into your stock anytime anywhere.

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Drawing New Customers – Facebook offers a vast opportunity to draw as many as millions of customers to the shop anytime anywhere. Facebook itself has 2 billion monthly visitors and therefore, your dream for a large customer base can be fulfilled.

Direct Customer Engagement – Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to directly engage your customers with the product and store activities. They can directly participate in the sales or festival discounts offered by you.

Real-time Analytics – Facebook provides real-time analytics, sales, and clicks. You can easily access the performance of your ads, products and other paid marketing tools that you are using to promote your products.

Facebook Business Page Tips To Optimize:

1) Get A Unique Identity With A URL: Very few people know this but soon after you create a Facebook business page and get a minimum of 25 likes on it, Facebook provides you with a unique URL slug that represents your page. This is a useful tool as you can perform link building strategies by promoting this link and redirecting visitors towards your Facebook page.

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2) Try unique Reposting techniques: It is very complicated to generate unique content to post on your Facebook business page. But if your audience sees the same and same post all over again. So you need to try unique methods to recycle your old posts and revamp it into something new without changing the intent.

3) Keep updating your cover image: It’s advisable to constantly keep updating the cover image of your Facebook business page according to any new events or offers. Try keeping the contents of the cover precise and attractive all at the same time.

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4) Don’t miss out anything in your About Us page: The page provides you with an opportunity to express a piece of detailed information about yourself, so don’t miss out on anything. It’s very useful to increase your search engine presence as google picks up information from this page.

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5) Add A Location On The Google Map: Adding a location of your business on the Google Map and the Facebook Page makes it feasible for your potential customers to find you.

6) Add the links of your page in the email signature: Try to include the link of your Facebook page in the email signature of your business in order to attract visitors through newsletters and emails. This adds relevance to your post and provides you with increased traffic on your page.

7) Use Facebook Ads for Page Promotion: There is no better way to let your customers know about yourself than running page promotion ads on Facebook. With the advanced targeting and filtering tool, you can display ads for your page to the desired audience of your choice.

8) Post Image of Video Content for Maximum Engagement: Posting small video clips and infographic image has the maximum number of engagements. This is a great Facebook business page tip to get the attraction of the audience.

9) Get to know the Busy Hour While Posting: Take time and analyze the timeframe when your audience availability is the maximum. The probability of getting more likes and engagements on your posts increases by opting to this.

10) Use Relevant Hashtags and Tags: It’s advisable to use multiple hashtags while posting content on your Facebook Business page. Do not forget to mention the relevant personalities or organizations by tagging them whenever necessary.

11) Doubt Solving Sessions: A social audience loves the Q and A session where you take the most doubtful topics pertaining to the products or services related to their Facebook business page. The best form of doing so is by putting up a video where you answer all the frequently asked questions of the common audience.

12) Go Live: Now broadcasting yourself has become much easier with the Facebook Live feature where you can directly interact with the audience of your choice. An expert tip is to go live on holidays or weekends so that you may expect more audience to come to you.

13) Include CTA in the Caption: Make every post count by redirecting visitors towards your products or services or your website. Don’t forget to put a call to action phrase that increases the curiosity of your customers to explore more.

14) Create Infographic: Infographics are an optimal way to share chunks of information in an organized and presentable manner. Infographics are a perfect way to optimize the posts of your Facebook business page by engaging more visitors.

15) Connect With An Instagram Account: Create an Instagram account for your business and connect it with your Facebook Business Page. By doing so you can share your Instagram photo on your Facebook feed hence can easily drive traffic to the alternate social platform.


In order to become an efficient seller on Facebook, follow the above Facebook Business Page Tips. The first step of becoming a successful seller is by optimizing your way of selling. Since Facebook is the biggest social platform, you need to be aware of the platform and must also learn about the benefits of the Facebook business page. The above blog will provide you all the insights you need to know. If you wish to know more about selling on Facebook, please refer to the blog A complete guide on how to sell on Facebook.

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