Documenting Your TypeScript Projects: There Are Options

Documenting Your TypeScript Projects: There Are Options

In this article, I’m going to cover a few tools that will help you document your TypeScript projects.

Whether you’re a TypeScript developer, a JavaScript developer or any type of developer really, you most likely hate writing documentation. We all tend to hate it, even those of us who like to write.

Can you imagine having to go through thousands of lines of code, review their logic, and document what it does in a format that is then easy to browse and understand? This second part is key however because writing a huge chunk of text that contains everything without proper formatting or a basic search tool will only cause others to not use it. Essentially negating your entire work. A sad fact about documentation writing that we tend to only remember when we’re on the user side of things is that:

If you want the documentation to be used, it not only needs to be complete, but also it needs to be usable.

So when others design and create tools to automate this process, and generate complete, beautiful, and easy-to-update documentation, then we need to pay special attention to them.

In this article, I’m going to cover a few tools that will help you document your TypeScript projects.

Good code does not need documentation

This is probably the biggest lie ever told when it comes to documentation writing inside the software industry. Yes, a two-line function with a clear name probably doesn’t, but when have we seen a function like that one as part of a library we’re using?

We’re talking about documenting complex business logic here, and that usually entails large functions, high inter-dependency, and lots of parameters. I’m not saying don’t even try to write clean and easy-to-read code, by all means, do it, if someone is going to have to reverse engineer your code, you’ll be doing them a favor, but also try to make your documentation your first line of defense against that need.

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