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Samsung Galaxy S10 discount provider at modest costs. Purchase new Samsung PDAs at modest costs from CellnTell - the biggest PDA distributor.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 wholesaler
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Samsung Quietly Fixes Critical Galaxy Flaws Allowing Spying, Data Wiping

Researchers have disclosed a slew of critical-severity, patched flaws in flagship Samsung smartphones – including the Galaxy S7, S8 and S9 models. The vulnerabilities specifically stem from Samsung’s “Find My Mobile” service, a feature built into the smartphones allowing users to locate their devices if they lose them.

Researchers with Char49, who discovered the four glitches, said that if a bad actor convinced a target to download a malicious application onto their device, the flaws could have been chained together to launch various, insidious attacks. These could ultimately have resulted in complete data loss for the smartphone user (via a factory reset). Attackers could also track users’ real-time locations, spy on phone calls and messages, lock users out of their phones, or unlock phones.

In a real-life attack, that could mean that “when attacked, the device can be spied on or, in the worst-case scenario, wiped clean of all its data, without the victim even perceiving what was happening, exposing the victim to situations of blackmail and extortion,” said researchers with Char49 in an analysis of the flaws [PDF].

Researchers told Threatpost that the vulnerabilities were first reported to Samsung Feb. 21, 2019, and quietly fixed by the smartphone company on April 7, 2019. However, the flaws were not disclosed until this past Friday, when Char49 researchers presented them during a DEFCON session.

Researchers also told Threatpost that there are no CVEs assigned to the flaws, as Samsung opted to not disclose the issues publicly in their website. However, Samsung did issue an internal SVE to the bugs (SVE-2019-14025), which is Samsung’s identification mechanism for security issues, and classified the flaws as “critical.”

The Flaws

Researchers found four vulnerabilities in total in Find My Mobile. The first issue is that it’s possible for a malicious app (installed on the smartphone) to change the URL endpoints that Find My Mobile uses to communicate with the backend servers. In an attack scenario, this means that when the Find My Mobile app makes a call to the backend servers, it “allows an attacker to create a man-in-the middle (MiTM) scenario, monitoring Find My Mobile call to the backend and, as we will see, to manipulate them,” said researchers.

The second issue stems from three “exported broadcast receivers” (com.sec.pcw.device.receiver.PCWReceiver ) in the service that are not protected by permissions. Broadcast receivers enable applications to receive intents that are broadcast by the system or by other applications, even when other components of the application are not running. Researchers said, sending a broadcast with a certain action (com.samsung.account.REGISTRATION_COMPLETED) can enable the backend server URL endpoints to be updated to an attacker controlled value. That means attackers can now monitor and control traffic from Find My Mobile to the backend servers.

“So now, at server side, the attacker has lots of sensitive information,” said researchers. “To start, the victim coarse location via the IP address of the request, but also several PIIs [personal identifiable information], both registrationId (from the 2 requests) and the victim’s IMEI. This alone allows for user tracking. The attacker also gets, among other things, device brand… and other information not important for this attack scenario. ”

The third flaw stems from another unprotected broadcast receiver (com.sec.pcw.device.receiver.SPPReceiver). Researchers found that an attacker could leverage this flaw by sending a broadcast with a certain action to the broadcast receiver. This results in Find My Mobile contacting the Device Management (DM) server for updates: “When Find My Mobile contacts the DM server, the DM can reply just with an equivalent to an OK or, most importantly, the accumulated actions requested by the user and missed by Find My Mobile while the smartphone was offline. And this is where an attacker can step in. If an attacker can modify a server response to include an action of his choosing, he can tell the smartphone which action to take,” said researchers.

The final flaw discovered is a glitch in ncml:auth-md5, a base64 coded string that authenticates the message from the server. Researchers found that an issue in the authentication method allows the server to accept all server replies.

“We’re pretty sure it was not supposed to be implemented like this,” said researchers. “There is no message signing or any mechanism that prevents message modification, which is great for an attacker.”

Researchers formed an attack that could chain these four flaws together. By convincing a target to install a malicious app on their device (via spear phishing or by other means), these flaws can allow an attacker to carry out any action that Find My Mobile can perform.

“This attack was tested successfully on different devices (Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 and S9+). The [Proof of Concept] involves an APK [Android Application Package] and the server-side code that implements the logic needed to inject actions in the server responses,” said researchers.

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How to Choose the Right Sunglasses Wholesaler Online?

You might have started a sunglasses wholesale business and want to purchase sunglasses in bulk.
You might have an ongoing men’s wholesale sunglasses business, and you want to collaborate with other wholesalers to increase your customers.
In both cases, you need to find the right sunglasses wholesaler. The selection of the right wholesaler is crucial, and it depends on various factors.
Here we shall tell you about the basic factors that you need to consider before choosing a sunglasses supplier from the online wholesale marketplace. so, without further ado, let’s check the following list to determine the credibility of a sunglass’s wholesaler:

1. Quality of the Product

The first thing that you should consider while choosing a wholesaler for sunglasses is the quality of their supply. You can ask for free samples to check if they have high-quality sunglasses. By paying close attention to the quality of the products they offer, you will be able to determine if the wholesaler’s focus is on quality or quantity. The right sunglasses wholesaler should be able to embody a perfect harmony between the quantity and quality of their products. You should also check if they have the top brands of sunglasses in their stock.

2. Process to Purchase

Some online wholesalers have a complicated purchasing process. A complex and hard-to-understand buying process can be a deal-breaker. It can also create future hitches between the parties. So, before selecting a wholesaler for sunglasses, check their process to place an order. Besides, there can be many difficulties and problems when you deal with huge quantities of products. These problems can occur as a result of human error or any other mistake. The right wholesaler should be able to minimize issues of this kind by offering a simple and easy process to purchase.

3. Discounts and Deals

One of the main reasons for purchasing sunglasses in bulk is because the wholesale price is much lower than the retail price. The finest wholesaler will offer even better discounts and deals when you purchase more stock from them. A wholesaler who provides the customers with volume-based discounts is the one you should look for. There are also some wholesalers who provide additional discounts and packages if you sign a contract with them or become their VIP customer. Looking for such policies can also help you choose the right wholesaler for sunglasses.

4. Reliability and Authenticity

There are some ways that can help you determine the reliability and authenticity of a wholesaler for sunglasses, such as:  You can check if the wholesaler is well-known and holds a reputable position in the wholesale sunglasses market.  A larger customer base will also indicate the reliability of the wholesaler.  An easy way to determine the authenticity of a wholesaler is by looking at their website. The quality of the website says a lot about the future of the business. The right wholesaler should have an attractive website. It should also make constant improvements to make the buying process enjoyable for the customers.

5. Customer Service

Last but not least, you should consider the quality of customer service provided by the potential wholesaler. Low costs are not the only thing that matters when you buy sunglasses in bulk. There can be many things that may confuse you. A perfect wholesaler will provide excellent [customer service](https://recentlyheard.com/2021/02/08/6-things-a-wholesaler-should-do-to-attract-new-customers-in-2021/ "customer service") to its clients. They will have a caring and trained customer service team to provide effective solutions to the customer’s problems at any given time.

Final Thoughts

The smooth running and future of your business depend on your selection of the wholesaler. You do not want to disappoint or lose your customers by selecting an unreliable sunglasses wholesaler. We hope that the considerations mentioned above will help you select a perfect wholesaler for sunglasses.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 wholesaler

Samsung Galaxy S10 discount provider at modest costs. Purchase new Samsung PDAs at modest costs from CellnTell - the biggest PDA distributor.

What is Gourmet Galaxy (GUM) | What is Gourmet Galaxy token | What is GUM token

Gourmet Galaxy is a fusion between a DeFi Yield Farming and a NFTs Gaming dApp, aim at solving the problems that overshadowed Yield Farming platforms.


A little story about DeFi

Since June 2020, DeFi has been the talk of the town, with the adoption of DeFi projects going crazy, as money flow from traditional financial markets into decentralized world. As DeFi grows and Total Locked Value inside DeFi projects going higher, Yield Farming was introduced. And the rest is history.

With the current Quantitative Easing Policy and average saving interest rate of the United State’s bank dropping to near 0%, the idea of earning more than 10% APY suddenly become attractive to lot of institutional hedge funds. Meanwhile, Yield Farming projects with incentives token even raise the APY to more than 100% APY, creates the Yield Farming mania.

But the rise of DeFi and Yield Farming came too fast, and because of that its collapsed shortly just after few months, mostly due to Yield Farming projects internal problems. Hubble, our CEO who has been in the Blockchain industry since its early days and can spot a bubble when he sees one. In his mind, Yield Farming projects faced with some serious problems that cant really be solved at the time: no intrinsic value for Incentives Token, un-friendly UX and hyper-inflation.

And after few meeting with Matrix — our CTO, an idea was born. And we introduce you our latest project: Gourmet Galaxy.

What is Gourmet Galaxy exactly?

Gourmet Galaxy is the combination of an advanced Yield Farming platform and NFTs.

In case you never heard about NFTs, let us remind you about CryptoKitties? Back in 2017, its one of many things that fuel the so-called Crypto-bubble. If you don’t know, CryptoKitties gameplay is similar to the classic Tamagotchi game, but instead of some handheld digital pet, you actually get a Blockchain-digital pet. During the Crypto Kitties hype, some “kitties” actually sold for more than 600ETH ($200,000) approximately). Using NFTs, CryptoKitties gave real value to their digital pets. And thats also what we do with our Incentive Token.

When Hubble and Matrix get together with a couple of friends, they think about a Yield Farming Platform, which tokens has real use cases and intrinsic value. And thats when Gourmet Galaxy was born.

If you still confused about our project and what it does, read more about our product below!!

Product Overview

Gourmet Galaxy is a platform, with 4 main products:

  1. GUM Swap
  2. GUM Farming
  3. GALAXY Markets
  4. NFTs Universe

Gourmet Galaxy’s team aims to develop a friendly, easy-to-use and high-value Yield Farming platform through the three main products mentioned above.

GUM Swap is our easy-to-use swap protocol, with design inspired by famous AMM-based swap protocol such as Uniswap and SushiSwap. GUM Farm is Gourmet Galaxy’s Yield Farming Platform, that will be introduced in Q1 2021.

Galaxy Market is where you can use GUM to exchange for the Gourmet Galaxy NFT Tokens, with the relatively friendly name FOOD, use them to create planets (PLANET). PLANET is one of the key products of the project, an indispensable thing in the game Gourmet Galaxy: NFTs Universe.

NFTs Universe will be the product that plays a role in gaming the Yield Farming experience, as well as creating intrinsic value for the entire project.

All three products are aimed at one single purpose, to solve the existing problems of Yield Farming, as well as create a Yield Farming platform with high intrinsic value and easy access and ease of use. used to the majority.

An introduce about GUM Swap — GUM Farm

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GUM Swap

GUM Swap is our easy-to-use swap protocol, with a design inspired by famous AMM-based swap protocols such as Uniswap and SushiSwap. Using GUM Swap, users can easily swap between GUM and other digital assets. At the moment, GUM Swap supports USDT, ETH, DOT, and there are plans to expand the list in the future.

Under the easy-to-use surface, GUMSwap has its own formula to avoid the shortcomings of other swap systems and achieve the purpose of our platform.

GUM Swap is currently in development, users can use UNISWAP to swap USDT into GUM tokens later.

GUM Farm

GUM Farm is our Yield Farming platform, where users can provide Liquidity in exchange for GUM. The farming formula for GUM Farm can be found below.‌

Image for post

Farming Formula

The Liquidity Farming for GUM tokens will open in Q1 2021 until the Total Supply is fully unlocked.

There is a total of 9,950,000 GUM (49.75% of Total Token Supply) available for Liquidity Farming, with the total daily blocks being 6.500 blocks per day. The reward for each block will be fixed at 1 GUM/block.

There will be several pools available for Liquidity Farming, the farming formula for counting is:

APY = (Bp365)/y‌

where B — average daily block.

p = GUM Price‌

y = Total Asset Value in pool

GUM Farm and GUM Swap are currently being developed by us. We hope to launch at the same time with lots of good news to the community.



GUM Token is our ERC-20 utility token, built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain with support for Polkadot Parachains coming in the near future.

GUM is a vital part of Gourmet Galaxy, with a mechanism that is designed to give it value intrinsically tied to the Gourmet Galaxy Platform.


Token Name: GUM

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token standard: ERC-20

Token TypeUtility, Governance

Total Token Supply: 20,000,000

Hard cap ($): $550,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 13.125% of total Token Supply (2,625,000 GUM)

Initial Cap ($): $262,500

Private Sale Token Allocation: 25% of total Token Supply (5,000,000 GUM)

Private Sale Token Price1 GUM = $0.10

Private Sale VestingInitial unlock 40%, vesting 20% every 3 months, starting from the 3rd month

Public Distribution Allocation: 2.5% of total Token Supply (500,000 GUM)

Public Distribution Price1 GUM = $0.10

Public Distribution Vesting: Initial unlock 100%







Looking for more information…

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