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JavaScript Maze Generation (Depth First Search) Tutorial

In this video we are going to be creating a maze using the depth first search algorithm and the recursive backtracker. We will be implement the stack data structure to achieve this. I hope you enjoy. Please leave any questions in the comments.

Repo: https://github.com/conorbailey90/Java…

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JavaScript Maze Generation (Depth First Search) Tutorial
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Tamale Moses


Depth First Search (DFS) in Data Structure

Depth First Search (DFS) in Data Structure

In the last article, we learned about graphs in data structures. Graphs are one of the efficient ways that are used to model daily life problems and find an optimal solution. In this article, we will learn about traversing techniques for the graph and their implementation

Depth First Search

DFS is a recursive traversal algorithm for searching all the vertices of a graph or tree data structure. It starts from the first node of graph G and then goes to further vertices until the goal vertex is reached.

  • DFS uses stack as its backend data structure
  • edges that lead to an unvisited node are called discovery edges while the edges that lead to an already visited node are called block edges.

DFS procedure

DFS implementation categorizes the vertices in the graphs into two categories:

  • Visited
  • Not visited

The major objective is to visit each node and keep marking them as “visited” without making any cycle.

Steps for DFS algorithms:

1. Start by pushing starting vertex of the graph into the stack

2. Pop the top item of the stack and add it to the visited list

3. Create the adjacency list for that vertex. Add the non-visited nodes in the list to the top of the stack

4. Keep repeating steps 2 and 3 until the stack is empty

Depth First Search Algorithm

  • Step 1: STATUS = 1 for each node in Graph G
  • Step 2: Push the starting node A in the stack. set its STATUS = 2
  • Step 3: Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until STACK is empty
  • Step 4: Pop the top node N from the stack. Process it and set its STATUS = 3
  • Step 5: Push all the neighbors of N with STATUS =1 into the stack and set their STATUS = 2
  • Step 6: stop

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Terry  Tremblay

Terry Tremblay


Now Learn JavaScript Programming Language With Microsoft

icrosoft has released a new series of video tutorials on YouTube for novice programmers to get a hands-on renowned programming language — JavaScript.

This isn’t the first attempt by Microsoft to come up with video tutorials by beginner programmers. The company also has a series of YouTube tutorials on Python for beginners.

For JavaScript, Microsoft has launched a series of 51 videos as ‘Beginner’s Series to JavaScript,’ for young programmers, developers and coders who are interested in building browser applications using JavaScript. These video tutorials will also help programmers and coders to use relevant software development kits (SDKs) and JavaScript frameworks, such as Google’s Angular.

“Learning a new framework or development environment is made even more difficult when you don’t know the programming language,” stated on the Microsoft Developer channel on YouTube. “Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ve created this series of videos to focus on the core concepts of JavaScript.”

It further stated — while the tutorials don’t cover every aspect of JavaScript, it indeed will help in building a foundation from which one can continue to grow. By the end of this series, Microsoft claims that the novice programmers will be able to work through tutorials, quick starts, books, and other resources, continuing to grow on their own.

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wp codevo

wp codevo


JavaScript Shopping Cart - Javascript Project for Beginners


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Terry  Tremblay

Terry Tremblay


JavaScript Solution to Minimum Depth of Binary Tree

For our last She’s coding data structure and algorithm event I chose minimum depth of binary tree problem to practice tree traversing with our participants. It can be challenging at first, with the help of depth first search and breadth first search we can solve it easily.

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anita maity

anita maity


Random Password Generator Using JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Random Password Generator is a program that automatically generates a password randomly. Those generated passwords are mix with numbers, alphabets, symbols, and punctuations. This type of program helps the user to create a strong password.

Step By Step Tutorial :https://cutt.ly/ZbiDeyL

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