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Brain Crist


My Git Management Strategy

Every new software project requires a version control strategy that suits a variety of needs:

  • A locked down master branch that is always shippable to production
  • Easy to follow for all development team members
  • Creates a clean history that makes it easy to understand what changes occurred

As a bonus, the following strategy also enables effective code review, and the ability to create automated releases, versioning, and testing.

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My Git Management Strategy
Madyson  Reilly

Madyson Reilly


Best Practices for Using Git

Git has become ubiquitous as the preferred version control system (VCS) used by developers. Using Git adds immense value especially for engineering teams where several developers work together since it becomes critical to have a system of integrating everyone’s code reliably.

But with every powerful tool, especially one that involves collaboration with others, it is better to establish conventions to follow lest we shoot ourselves in the foot.

At DeepSource, we’ve put together some guiding principles for our own team that make working with a VCS like Git easier. Here are 5 simple rules you can follow:

1. Make Clean, Single-Purpose Commits

Oftentimes programmers working on something get sidetracked into doing too many things when working on one particular thing — like when you are trying to fix one particular bug and you spot another one, and you can’t resist the urge to fix that as well. And another one. Soon, it snowballs and you end up with so many changes all going together in one commit.

This is problematic, and it is better to keep commits as small and focused as possible for many reasons, including:

  • It makes it easier for other people in the team to look at your change, making code reviews more efficient.
  • If the commit has to be rolled back completely, it’s far easier to do so.
  • It’s straightforward to track these changes with your ticketing system.

Additionally, it helps you mentally parse changes you’ve made using git log.

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7 Best Practices in GIT for Your Code Quality

There is no doubt that Git plays a significant role in software development. It allows developers to work on the same code base at the same time. Still, developers struggle for code quality. Why? They fail to follow git best practices. In this post, I will explain seven core best practices of Git and a Bonus Section.

1. Atomic Commit

Committing something to Git means that you have changed your code and want to save these changes as a new trusted version.

Version control systems will not limit you in how you commit your code.

  • You can commit 1000 changes in one single commit.
  • Commit all the dll and other dependencies
  • Or you can check in broken code to your repository.

But is it good? Not quite.

Because you are compromising code quality, and it will take more time to review codeSo overall, team productivity will be reduced. The best practice is to make an atomic commit.

When you do an atomic commit, you’re committing only one change. It might be across multiple files, but it’s one single change.

2. Clarity About What You Can (& Can’t) Commit

Many developers make some changes, then commit, then push. And I have seen many repositories with unwanted files like dll, pdf, etc.

You can ask two questions to yourself, before check-in your code into the repository

  1. Are you suppose to check-in all these files?
  2. Are they part of your source code?

You can simply use the .gitignore file to avoid unwanted files in the repository. If you are working on more then one repo, it’s easy to use a global .gitignore file (without adding or pushing). And .gitignore file adds clarity and helps you to keep your code clean. What you can commit, and it will automatically ignore the unwanted files like autogenerated files like .dll and .class, etc.

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Loma  Baumbach

Loma Baumbach


Mirroring Git Changes From One Server to Another Server


Hello all, nowadays most of the development teams using GIT version control, some of you may have a requirement of mirroring your team’s git changes from one server to another Git server. This article will help you to achieve the Git mirroring between one server to another server.

Business Case

I got one assignment wherein there will be 2 Git Servers, development will happen in one Git server and the changes should be synchronized to another Git server at regular intervals. But in my case, the complexity is both the servers are in different restricted network. So I have done the small experiment and it worked. And I am sharing the steps to you all in this article.

The Experiment Performed Using Below 2 GIT Servers

Main GIT Server: Let’s take our main git server is located in our office and can be accessed only in-office network.

**Mirror GIT Server: **The mirror server is located at the vendor/client-side, which can be accessible in a normal internet connection but not with our office network. Since the office proxy will block the outside URL’s.

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Kanika Khetan


What it Takes to Become a Strategy Framework Manager

Strategy development managers are highly experienced professionals who have an active role in decision making at the highest level. They often work closely with a firm’s top management and C-suite executives. The core job responsibilities of a strategy development manager involves identifying the business opportunities, tracking operational effectiveness, identifying the weakness and strengths of the business in a global market environment. In this coveted job position, the role-holder needs to make recommendations on minimizing business risks, and bettering existing business plans to ensure long-term business growth.

3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Business Strategy Manager

Here’s a brief and compact guide to preparing for the said role:

Step 1: Get an Undergraduate Degree in Business Management

As and when you graduate from high school, the first step you can take towards reaching your goal is enrolling into a bachelor’s degree program that pertains to business studies. While there exist many dedicated strategic management degree courses at the university/college level, but it would be better to opt for a fundamental major. Choose your majors wisely by keeping in mind the end career goals. And hence, it would be much easier for you to succeed, when you have choose a subject discipline like these as a major – finance, economics, management, or business administration.

Step 2: Gain Some Work Experience Right After Undergraduation

After you complete your bachelor’s degree program, you need to look for professional work opportunities so as to gain some relevant experience, before enrolling in a master’s degree program. However, it’s not a mandate to have any sort of work experience before applying for a graduate program in business strategy or management, but an early work experience is considered the best form of practical learning that exists.

With a couple of years of experience under your belt, you gain much confidence, and are fully prepared for breaking into a master’s program. Further, this experience will set a strong foundation for your post-graduation job roles of the future.

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Origin Scale

Origin Scale


Originscale Order Management System

Originscale order management software helps to manage all your orders across channels in a single place. Originscale collects orders across multiple channels in real-time - online, offline, D2C, B2B, and more. View all your orders in one single window and process them with a simple click.

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