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August Murray


Easily Manage Your Build Environments With the Condo [Snippets]

Easily manage your build environments with The Condo, a simple bash script that wraps all the necessary Docker commands you need into four simple commands.

Have you come across situations where your build tools suddenly stop working after you update the operating system? Do you want a simple way of setting up your build environment each time you change or format your machine?

One option is to use Docker-based build environments. In this approach, you can create Docker images with the necessary build tools and dependencies. However, you will still have to remember the tags, mount your source code manually, and execute Docker commands with multiple arguments each time. This approach is right but needs some effort.

To address the issues in the approach mentioned above, The Condo was developed. The Condo is a simple bash script that wraps all the necessary docker commands you need to manage your build environments.

You can install Condo by running the following command:

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Easily Manage Your Build Environments With the Condo [Snippets]
Origin Scale

Origin Scale


Originscale Order Management System

Originscale order management software helps to manage all your orders across channels in a single place. Originscale collects orders across multiple channels in real-time - online, offline, D2C, B2B, and more. View all your orders in one single window and process them with a simple click.

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Tech Avidus

Tech Avidus


Digital Assets Management Software Solution | AI-based Assets Management System

A Digital Asset Management System makes it easier to store, manage, and share all of your digital assets on cloud-based storage.

We help you to build Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems with your precise business requirements, whether you want one for maintaining management, production management, brand management systems, or implementing with your sales department with the digital assets it needs.

To learn more about how the Digital Asset Management system will help your business, email us at

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Revenue Cycle Management Software Services and Custom Integration - SISGAIN

Revenues come day in day out and it becomes strenuous to keep a track of them. With the help of Revenue cycle management software, one is able to perform the hospital revenue cycle management in Oklahoma, USA in a much simplified and easy manner. Our skilful developers and engineers created the healthcare revenue cycle management software that is convenient to use by its users and meets the customers requirement. We happen to be one of the notable revenue cycle management companies, facilitating the needs of our customers and being efficient and useful in performance. For more information call us at +18444455767 or email us at

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Ian  Robinson

Ian Robinson


Operational Analytics: Building a Real-time Data Environment for Business

Disruptive technologies, cloud computing and IoT devices continue to evolve and proliferate. As a result, businesses are generating and collecting more data than ever before. However, the challenge here is not gathering the data, but using it in the right way. Businesses are leveraging futuristic analytics features to better understand the data. One such solution is operational analytics.

Data is exponentially increasing every movement. Every time a customer interacts with a website or device, an unimaginable amount of data is generated. Meanwhile, when employees use a company-issued tablet or device to do their jobs, they add more data to the company‚Äôs data house. The data goes useless if it is not utilized properly. Henceforth, businesses are adopting operational analytics to increase workplace efficiency, driving competitive advantages, and delighting customers. Operational analytics is at the beginning of gaining ground in the business industry. A survey conducted by Capgemini Consulting on around 600 executives from the US, Europe and China suggests that over 70% of organizations now put more emphasis on operations than on consumer-focused processes for their analytics initiatives. However, only 39% of organizations in the survey said they have extensively integrated their operational analytics initiatives with their business processes and barely 29% of them have successfully achieved their desired objectives from their initiatives.

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Origin Scale

Origin Scale


Inventory Management Software

Originscale Inventory Management Software help you seamlessly integrates your sales channels and inventory locations to give your team complete and reliable inventory control. TRY FOR FREE Today

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