8 Best Tools for .NET Developers

8 Best Tools for .NET Developers

We have mentioned the 8 best tools for .Net Developers that will help them to make a proper selection.

*we have mentioned the eight best tools for .Net developers that will help them to make a proper selection. *

  1. Visual Studio

This happens to be one of the most popular development environments for .Net, which is intended for building computer applications, websites, web services, web applications, and mobile apps. Visual Studio supports as many as 36 different programming languages, which enables the debugger and code editor to work with virtually any programming language.

Visual Studio Features:

Custom/dynamic debugging and code analysis, which helps in identifying mistakes and enhancing code quality.

Fast navigation of code helps to find types easily and identify where they’re referenced within the code.

Advanced IntelliSense comes with a prediction algorithm for helping with the navigation of the codes.

Live unit testing helps to automatically run impacted unit tests.
  1. dotConnect for Oracle

This happens to be a robust, feature-rich, and high-performance ADO.NET Provider for Oracle. It also comes with ORM support. It can be used without installing the Oracle Client application on the computer. This tool offers improved ORM support using Entity Developer, which is a well-known visual ORM designer. It likewise supports Entity Framework Core, Entity Framework, NHibernate, as well as LinqConnect. dotConnect for Oracle features:


Inbuilt visual ORM designer

Robust support for Entity Framework Core and Entity Framework

Support provided for Oracle database versions, new platforms, as well as development technologies immediately after their release

Support for SSL/TLS encryption

Support for well-known checksum algorithms and encryption

Support for Linux, macOS, and Windows

Support for Sync Framework

Support for the most recent versions of .NET Standard, .NET Framework, Mono Framework, .NET Core, and .NET Compact Framework.

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  1. Entity Developer

This is a robust code generation and modeling tool, which can also be referred to as an ORM tool. ORM helps to map data between data stores that are incompatible. It is possible to design a data access layer easily and visually with the entity developer’s help. As per the tool’s official site, it allows you to design models for different .NET ORMs within a single unified interface. It is feasible to obtain support for all ORMs in a single tool, or a separate edition might be purchased by you which works with one of the ORMs supported.

This tool mentioned here provides support for Entity Framework Core, ADO.NET Entity Framework, LinqConnect, Hibernate, Telerik Data Access, as well as LINQ to SQL. Put simply, Entity Developer provides several code generation features and visual design tools for helping you to design ORM models within a short time and also generate extensible and professional code for them.

  1. NDepend

NDepend is a static code analyzer that one can easily integrate with Visual Studio. It is possible to measure code quality using this tool with the help of different metrics. It likewise provides a comprehensive view of the code organization and the application. NDepend offers a custom querying language for checking out the coupling of the application, and it also provides a way to evaluate how the code is adhering to standards. NDepend features:

Enhances code maintainability

Better code can be built by the team

Integrates with Visual Studio nicely

Support for CQlinq for customizing code analysis

Creates trend charts

Measures Code Coverage

Enhances development teams’ productivity

It is possible to gain control over risks and expenses
  1. NCrunch

NCruch happens to be a concurrent testing tool that has been automated for Visual Studio. Code coverage is collected by it while executing tests, runs several tests simultaneously, displays code performance metrics, and prioritizes recent alterations in the code. NCrunch features:

Small memory footprints are responsible for tuning this tool’s CPU and memory consumption for fitting the particular requirements of the developers.

Grids are created by the distributed processing feature for running tests, which can be shared among the developers.

The usage of CPU is controlled by small multiprocessor support, which helps prevent negative coding experience.

A single context menu command can be used thanks to easy debugging.
  1. LINQPad

LINQPad happens to be the most effective option for querying databases by using a contemporary programming language, which is known as LINQ, for all those who do not like to query old-fashioned SQL language (SQL has been used as well). LINQPad offers an opportunity for trying out code lines as well as test snippets. You can likewise use optional autocompletion, output formatting, in addition to integrated debugging to your advantage.

  1. .NET Reflector

    .NET Reflector is considered to be a standard disassembler, decompiler, plus static analyzer intended for. NET. This tool is also available as an extension for Visual Studio. You can use .NET Reflector for debugging your application, which will assist you in detecting the issues. It can also execute 3rd-party code from Visual Studio. .NET reflector will simplify the development of .NET by enabling you to debug codes and simplify the development of SharePoint. It likewise comes with an all-inclusive add-in model along with an API for extending it and adjusting it as per your necessities. By the way, Red Gate Software has been taken over by .NET Reflector in the year 2008.

  1. SQL Complete

This one can be considered a top-quality tool for SQL database management, development, and administration. It offers features required for quick and effective SQL code writing, which helps to complete Visual Studio.

SQL Complete features:

SQL query formatting

Easy snippets management and modification

Maintenance of code standards

Code refactoring

Easy retrieval of data

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