What I Learned Making Games in Unity

What I Learned Making Games in Unity

Or, why you should learn C#

Making games, and writing C## scripts in Unity is a lot like doing other types of coding, with a bunch of visual fun stuff plopped on top. It is definitely hard, but it’s hard fun. The Unity3D editor itself has lots of built-in tools for easy prototyping, like programmer-art style graphics with simple blocks with smooth matte textures and ready-made physics materials to get things attracted to the floor or bouncing around. But if you want those little blocks to move or to do anything interesting, you’ll need C## scripts.

C## is syntactically similar to C++ but with a garbage collector like Java. The creator of C## also created TypeScript, which is a strongly-typed extension of JavaScript that adds advanced object-orientation features like classes and objects. C## is also maintained by Microsoft and was built from the ground up to be open-source and fully cross-platform compatible. Also, since Unity is built on Microsoft’s .NET framework, by writing scripts for Unity, you’ll be learning tools that you can use in many other contexts.

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