What Are Props in React?

What Are Props in React?

Learn this fundamental concept in React!

In a previous article we talked about rendering in React and as a simple example rendering React elements. But this doesn’t reflect what everyone who uses React does when creating an application. In this article we will be discussing the concept of components and an important concept called props which goes over how data can flow in React.

React components allow an application to be split into discrete, reusable user interfaces. A somewhat accurate analogy would be that React components are very much like JavaScript functions.

React components can be either function Components or class components. Let’s deal with function components first.

The easiest way to define a React function component is to write a function

function Welcome(props) {
  return <h1>Hello {props.name} </h1>

This almost looks like a regular JavaScript function. This function component accepts a props’ argument. Props stand for properties, we will get to them but for now, think of props as an object that carries data with it that can be used in our function component. This function component returns some JSX that accesses the props object key ‘name’.

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