Search for Flights and Deep Dive into Large Offers of Travelling Destinations

Search for Flights and Deep Dive into Large Offers of Travelling Destinations

Multiplatform Application (Mobile, Web, Desktop): Travel virtually and discover interesting destinations

Virtual Traveller

Search for flights and deep dive into large offers of travelling destinations. Discover recommended and popular places. Hop on on the virtual mode to simulate travelling immediately to your desired destination and learn more about it, including interesting information and points of interests! 🚀



How to run

  1. Clone this repository

  2. Fetch packages: flutter pub get

    • Run freezed and json_serializable code generators: flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs

    • Automatically rebuild on changes with: flutter pub run build_runner watch

    • Run on the device: flutter run (run in Profile mode if you want to test the performance)

    • Run on the web (make sure you are on the beta channel): flutter run -d web

    • Run with flag on the web with better performance (experimental): flutter run -d web --release --dart-define=FLUTTER_WEB_USE_SKIA=true

    • Run on the desktop (Windows) (make sure you are on the dev channel): flutter run -d windows

NOTE: If you want to use remote APIs instead of local mocked data, you need to obtain API key(s). Obtain the Amadeus Travel API key here.


  • place the key to this file: lib/data/data_providers/remote/secrets.dart
  • set quotaSaveMode to false in lib/utils/debug_options.dart


I wanted to make a flight searching app with interesting suggestions, fully from the scratch. However, due to the current situation with the pandemic, many countries are restricted for some citizens so travelling there isn't possible. This app has virtual travelling mode, which simulates the travelling here, displays interesting information about the desired location, including picture, points of interests and etc. There's a possibility to save the locations, so you can check them out later!

Powered by the Amadeus for Developers API, which fits best for this use and offers also free monthly quota for testing! Amadeus Travel APIs connect you to the richest information in the travel industry.

Visualizing the flow of the app

visualizing the flow of the app

App Architecture

Using the bloc library allows us to separate our application into three layers:

  • Presentation
  • Business Logic
  • Data
    • Repository
    • Data Provider
    • Models

State management

There's no unique rule on what to choose because it always depends on many criteria. When it came to deciding on which state management approach to use in my case, I was deciding between Provider and bloc library. Bloc library is already dependant on Provider package so it is fairly similar in terms of a dependency injection (DI) (a single instance of a Cubit or Bloc can be provided to all of the widgets within a subtree). Read more here about bloc library and Provider.

The reasons why I decided to use the bloc library in my case were following:

  • use of the reactive streams, which goes well together with BLoC pattern
  • easy and reliable tests via bloc_test library, which is based on Mockito
  • it isn't only a state management library, but it also helps implement the BLoC (Business Logic Component) design pattern

TODO list


  • Features
    • Splash screen
    • Intro slider on the first app launch
    • Home Page Features
      • Change departure location
      • Quick search
        • One-Way flights
        • Destinations
      • Discover most popular / booked travelling destinations based on the current location
      • Recommended destinations based on search history
    • Flight Searching Page Features
      • View search history
      • Search by
        • Type of the way
          • One-Way
          • Round Trip
          • Multi City
        • Dates
          • Departure
          • Return
        • Passengers
          • Adults
          • Kids
          • Infants
    • Flight Result Page Features
      • Switch departure and destination in the search
      • Display quick search query info details
      • View more about the destination
      • Sort by
        • Price
        • Length
        • Number of stops
      • Flight offer details
        • From - To
        • Departure - Arrival date
        • Flight length
        • Flight stops
        • Passengers
        • Price
        • Airplane type
      • Virtual Flight Mode
        • Simulate airplane flying on the map with the timestamps
    • Destination Info Page
      • Save destination to the Watchlist
      • Pictures
      • Average temperature of the past week
      • Safety Rating
      • List nearby Points of Interests Page
        • POI Details Page
          • GPS Coordinates
          • Pictures
      • List nearby Hotels Page
        • Hotel Details Page
          • GPS Coordinates
          • Distance from the city center
          • Stars
          • Description
          • Pictures
          • Tags: Amenities (Wi-Fi, TV, ...), Appliances etc.
    • Watchlist Page
      • Click to view the info about the destination
      • Drag to reorder destinations
      • Swipe to remove
    • Settings Page
      • Default departure location
      • Language
      • Currency
      • Temperature format
      • Length unit
      • Theme
      • Remove local data
  • Language Support
    • English
    • Czech
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
  • Supported Platforms
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Web
    • Desktop (Windows)


  • Null safety (not possible currently - not all packages are migrated yet)
  • CI / Github Actions
  • Type of tests
    • Unit
    • Widget
    • Integration
  • Test coverage milestones
    • 40%
    • 60%
    • 80%


UI inspirations



The app is still in the development process and isn't suitable for contributions yet.

If you wish to contribute, file an issue with an appropriate tag or propose a PR. If it is a breaking change, please create an issue first.

Download Details:

Author: mzdm

Source Code:

flutter dart mobile-apps

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