Top 10 Vue UI Component Libraries in 2021

Top 10 Vue UI Component Libraries in 2021

An Overview of the Top 10 Vue UI Component Libraries in 2021: BalmUI, Element Plus, Wave UI, Ionic, Vuetify 3 (Titan), Equal, Quasar, PrimeVUE, Ant Design Vue, Anticipated UI frameworks. Discover the best UI frameworks to create beautiful, customizable apps, all compatible and easy to use with Vue 3.

Discover the best UI frameworks to create beautiful, customizable apps, all compatible and easy to use with Vue 3.

Vue 3 has arrived, stable and ready for production use. While plenty of developers are very happy with this release, some are finding it difficult to jump into Vue 3 because of the current state of the UI frameworks ecosystem. Vue 2 UI frameworks contributed in easing the adoption of Vue thanks to the benefits they offered to the developer experience.

Using a UI framework with Vue is a great combination, because it enables developers to abstract common components, thus providing a maintainable and productive development process. Most of these components have well written tests and are consistently optimized to provide the best performance available.

In this article, I am going to showcase a list (in no particular order) of several awesome Vue 3 UI frameworks that will accompany you in crafting beautiful Vue 3 apps while also providing a great developer experience.

  • BalmUI
  • Element Plus
  • Wave UI
  • Ionic
  • Vuetify 3 (Titan)
  • Equal
  • Quasar
  • PrimeVUE
  • Ant Design Vue
  • Anticipated UI frameworks

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