Erwin  Boyer

Erwin Boyer


Retrieval based Chatbots — Using NLTK & Keras

**Chatbots **are computerapplication based to artificial intelligence that allow to simulate a conversation with a person giving automatic answers to differents doubts and common questions about a random topics, improving and optimizing the cost at staff and technological tools.

For this reason, it’s very common to use them in companies as an alternative to management of custom service and they have a direct relationship with the Big Data, because all information obtained from conversations with clients generates an additional value in a company, allowing them to analyze customer behavior more effectively

Effectiveness of chatbots complies with the 3 V’s of Big Data:

  • Volumn: Conversational assistants can handle a large number of requests on the spot.
  • Velocity: Can compile a wide variety of information.
  • Variety: Can manage and classify all information in a less time than a human.

In this project, we’re goin to build _a retreival-based _chatbot using deepl learning techniques and also, a predefined input and responses patterns and some kind of heuristic approach to select the appropriate response.

#nltk #keras #retrieval-chatbots #chatbots #deep-learning #retrieval based chatbots — using nltk & keras

Retrieval based Chatbots — Using NLTK & Keras