AutoCAD Programming Using C#.NET - Beginner Course

AutoCAD Programming Using C#.NET - Beginner Course

A Complete Course To Learn C# Programming .NET Framework Visual Studio 2017 And How To Program AutoCAD .NET API. Start Developing Your Own AutoCAD Plugins Today!

Description This is a very intensive course that gives the student opportunity to learn C# Programming fundamentals, learn about .NET Framework, learn how to use Visual Studio 2017 and most of all learn how to program AutoCAD .NET API. This course will walk you through the process of developing your own AutoCAD Plugins that will extend AutoCAD Functionalities.

Who this course is for:

This course is intended for all AutoCAD Users who have a desire to create their own Commands or Plugins and extend AutoCAD functionalities to the next level For those who are interested in Computer Programming and wanted to learn how AutoCAD and C# work together For AutoLISP and VBA Programmers who wanted to learn new language and skills and be even more productive Basic knowledge Knowledge of AutoCAD is necessary Basic programming knowledge is beneficial but not necessary as I will walk you through the fundamentals of C# Programming Language What will you learn Learn and understand Fundamentals of C# Programming Understand .NET Framework and learn Visual Studio IDE 2017 Learn and Understand AutoCAD .NET API structure Learn how to create your own AutoCAD Plugins Manipulate AutoCAD Objects using C# Create AutoCAD objects using C# Learn how to use Selection Sets and Filters using C# Develop 2 different projects: Create your own Drawing TitleBlocks for different Paper Sizes through code Create an Audit Program to count different entities in the drawing To continue:

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