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A List of Open Source Mobile Applications for Flutter

This tutorial showcases a curated list of open source mobile applications for Flutter that will make your development learning journey faster. 32 free Flutter templates for great mobile apps

This article showcases a curated list of open source mobile applications for Flutter. Open source projects are always an excellent way to learn any programming framework: these projects will make your Flutter development learning journey faster and give an instant boost to your knowledge.

Let’s get started and see if you find a template to inspire your next project.

Table of contents

  • Business and finance templates
  • Ecommerce templates
  • Education templates
  • Productivity templates
  • Tools app templates
  • Media app templates
  • Games templates

Business and finance templates

1. Be Thrifty Today

Be Thrifty Today is a simple and secure money management app developed by Amruth Pillai that helps track your income and expenses. The app has a simple-to-use UI that allows users to add incomes or expenses and assign the transaction with an appealing and colorful icon to indicate its category.

You can delete transactions by simply swiping from right to left and edit items by holding down onto the transaction.

The app has been designed intuitively using Flutter and Firebase. It is quick to add and easy to navigate.

Be Thrifty

Be Thrifty 2

Be Thrifty 3

2. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a robust business suite for documenting invoices, tasks, expenses, maintaining inventory, automation, and many more features. This advanced invoicing software supports all desktop and mobile platforms unparalleled to the most prominent companies in the same business.

This is a companion app for the Invoice Ninja, and it was created using Flutter Redux Starter.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja 2

Invoice Ninja 3

3. Trace

Trace is a Modern crypto portfolio and market explorer purely built with Flutter developed by Trent Piercy. It is open source, lightweight, fast, and powerful. Some of its features are:

  • Portfolio overview
  • Aggregate market explorer
  • Portfolio timeline
  • Transaction history
  • Detailed market data
  • Switching between light and dark themes


Trace 2

Trace 3

4. Receipt Manager

The Receipt Manager app is a minimalistic application to manage receipts developed by Monolidth. It is fast and uses OCR to store receipts permanently in an SQL database.

The user has to take a photo of the receipt, then the application uploads the receipt to the server, parses it, and sends the output as a JSON response back to the application. The application stores the receipt in an SQL database.

Receipt Manager

Receipt Manager 2

Receipt Manager 3


Every application needs a payment service or a transaction interface to make payments while signing up for a subscription. Through HADWIN, one can learn various fundamentals and skills like design patterns and state management/nested state management with the Provider pattern. Also, how to fetch data from servers with restful API to connect the app to backend services.

Build a real-time interface using the Camera API, writing data to local storage, custom navigation stack, complex animations, and deployment to the play store.

This application is just a prototype developed by Nabhodipta Garai, which only simulates transactions.


Ecommerce templates

6. Open Ecommerce App

Open Ecommerce App project is a mobile ecommerce application developed by 4seer, and other contributors as well.

The idea behind creating this project is to build a commercially viable product that can be used by small and medium businesses to take their products online and reach the masses. The app contains a splash screen, home screen, list of categories, product screens with filters, product details screen with ratings and reviews, ordering process, and user profile with login and favorites.

You can read about the project here and contribute to it. The app is really detailed and aesthetically designed, which is perfect to look at.

Open Ecommerce App

7 .Shope: A Flutter ecommerce UI template

Shope is a minimalist template with a clean and beautiful design for Flutter developed by Roberto Juarez. The Shope ecommerce UI Kit aims to help programmers save time with frontend development.

Developers can use this template to build their apps for Android and iOS in Flutter. The UI Kit includes all resources one needs to reuse the components. It contains thirty-eight screens, assets, icons, and fonts.


8. The Complete Ecommerce Flutter UI App

We have another beautiful UI template for creating an ecommerce application open sourced by Abu Anwar: the Complete Ecommerce Flutter UI App. It features a modern design, attractive colors, and well-designed widgets. This application contains screens like:

  • Onboarding
  • Signup and login
  • Forgot password?
  • Profile screen
  • OTP verification
  • Home page
  • Product details
  • Order screen

Complete Ecommerce

Complete Ecommerce 2

Education templates

9. Mathematics Flutter

Developed by Jay Gajjar, Mathematics Flutter creates basic arithmetic quizzes for its users, best for ages 4 to 10 years old. Students can challenge themselves by creating a randomized quiz, or a teacher can download a PDF sheet and test their students. This is a simple app with few screens but a powerful concept and a lot to learn from the code because it involves a lot of mathematical logic. It has web support as well as PWA support.

Mathematics Flutter

10. Flutter E-book App

Flutter E-Book App is a simple yet intuitive application developed by Festus Olusegun to read and download books from the Feedbooks API.

Users can download, read, and mark favorite books as well as switch to dark mode and delete downloaded books when reading is done. This is developed using Provider state management and Dio to make network calls and download files. Object DB, a NoSQL database, stores files on the device.

Flutter Ebook App 2

Flutter Ebook App

11. BookSearch

BookSearch is a project for beginners open sourced by Norbert Kozsir for searching and collecting books as one reads them. It uses the GoogleBooks API and has a clean UI and crisp animation.

The developer has used SQFlite and Flutter Redux and posted a detailed tutorial and code here.



12. StarBook

StarBook is a digital diary developed by Hashir Shoaib that can help users track their mood and productivity throughout the month. This is an incredible way to see how users feel throughout the day, and it allows users to realize their general attitude and how to improve it.

Users can rate their mood each day using different colors and write a short summary. The app focuses on giving every user a personalized experience, increasing their productivity, improving objectivity, and improving emotional health. The app uses Hive to store data locally.



Productivity templates

The next set is to-do apps made in Flutter by different programmers. To-dos are the most common applications a programmer develops at their early stage of learning. It is straightforward to make, and one can understand the complex fundamentals of a programming language through it.

13. Taskist

In Taskist by Hugo EXTRAT, the developer has made the application with different animations using Firebase.


14. Note Taking

Note Taking by Bibek Timsina is adorable. The developer has used SQFlite to store notes on the device. One can learn how to implement search functionality and use staggered GridView in an application from this template.

Note Taking

Note Taking

Note Taking

15. WhatToDo

WhatToDo by Burhanuddin Rashid is a simple to-do app designed in Flutter to keep track of your daily tasks. It is built on the BLoC pattern. You can add a project and labels by specifying unique colors, then add tasks by defining their priority and due date. You can also sort your tasks based on project, label, and dates.


16. Tasker

Tasker by Erfan Rahmati is a beautifully designed open source task manager application purely built with Dart and Flutter.


17. Flutter To-Dos

Flutter To-Dos by Xiao Li is completely out-of-the-box thinking on how one designs and develops a to-do app.

This developer has added custom themes and colors that users can change according to their taste, and custom icons can be added to each to-do item.

It has a very niche way of showing all the to-dos that are completed. Users will see one to-do item card on the main page and scroll horizontally like a carousel. The app is developed using Provider state management, SharedPreferences, and SQFlite for local storage.

Flutter ToDos

Flutter ToDos

Flutter ToDos

Tools app templates

18. One Second Diary

One Second Diary is a minimalistic video diary developed by Caio Pedroso that records one second of your day every day. Open the app and record your moment and save the video. Repeat the process the next day. After a few months or a year, just compile the whole video and share it with your friends and family.

One Second Diary

One Second Diary

One Second Diary

19. Zefyr Editor

Zefyr Editor is a rich text editor built with simplicity and flexibility for Flutter applications. It provides a clean interface for distraction-free writing. This is a Flutter package that you can install to your Flutter application, and it will give the users the power to write just like the Medium website. This package is developed by Memspace.

Zefyr Editor

Zefyr Editor

20. TimeCop

If you struggle to meet your deadlines or get so engrossed in work that you have no sense of time, this application is just for you.

A good time-tracking app respects your privacy and gets the job done without getting too fancy. This one is open sourced by Kenton Hamaluik. Entirely offline, it keeps track of tasks with multiple parallel timers. This app has been localized in several languages.




21. FlutterWeather

FlutterWeather is a simple weather app that was created using the OpenWeatherMap API, which automatically obtains the user’s current location and shows hourly and seven-day weather information. Users can also search for any other destination around the globe.

The app is very well designed using the Provider package and is developed by Ariz Armeidi.




22. Feather

Feather is the one for you if you are looking for a better weather application with great UI and UX; it’s developed by Jakub.

Features of this app are:

  • Shows current temperature, max and min temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind
  • Shows current sun/moon position, animated countdown until sunset/sunrise, time of sunset/sunrise
  • Weather forecast for five days (temperature, wind, rain, and pressure)
  • App background changes based on the daily cycle
  • Automatically picks user location (also error handling when location can’t be selected!)
  • Persist location and weather data in local storage
  • Works offline (user needs to download data before)
  • Automatically refresh data every 15 minutes
  • BLoC architecture and Dio


Media app templates

23. Grey

Grey is a Material-designed music player developed by Avinash Kumar. It is the first complete music player designed in Flutter. This app is created using the SQFlite database, enabling faster loading of songs at startup:

  • Plays local songs
  • Beautiful screens
  • Search songs feature
  • Top tracks, recent songs, and randomize features
  • Album view, artist view
  • Playing queue, shuffle, and add to favorites options
  • Play/pause, next/prev
  • Themes (dark/light), custom fonts, and animations
  • Landscape mode




24. InKino

With InKino, Iiro Krankka created a multiplatform Dart app for exploring movies and showtimes at Finnkino theatres. The app leverages Redux, with 40 percent of the code shared across Flutter and the web.

Flutter was used to create the Android and iOS apps. AngularDart was used to create the progressive web app. Overall, this project is an exceptional example of a multiplatform Dart project.




25. MovieLab

MovieLab is an open source and cross-platform mobile app for browsing movies and TV shows, including cast, production crew, personal biographies, and plot summaries. It is written in Dart using Flutter.

With MovieLab, you have movie and series information right at your fingertips. This app is developed by Erfan Rahmati.




26. Tsacdop

You can enjoy podcasts with Tsacdop. It’s a podcast player developed with Flutter: a clean, simply beautiful, and friendly app, which is also free and open source. Some of its features are:

  • Podcast group management
  • Playlists support
  • Sleep timer/speed setting
  • OPML file export and import
  • Auto-syncing in the background
  • Listening and subscription history record
  • Dark mode/accent color
  • Download for offline play
  • Auto-download new episodes / auto-delete outdated downloads
  • Settings backup
  • Skip silence
  • Boost volume




27. Virlow Flutter Recorder

The Virlow Flutter Recorder is an open source Flutter application that can transcribe recorded audio with TL;DR and Short Hand Notes. It also includes a rich text editor that allows you to change the transcription and add additional notes.

Virlow Flutter Recorder

28. Flutter Speech to Text

Flutter Speech to Text is similar to the above application but does not have an inbuilt text editor. You can watch the whole tutorial that is available on YouTube.

It is a simple one-page application you can inculcate in your app if needed. It has a nice and clean UI built by Marcus Ng.

Speech to Text

Games templates

29. Hangman

Hangman by Reza Tavasoli is a hangman game wholly written in Dart with the Flutter framework. The player has five lives in each turn to guess the word. Previous scores can be viewed on the High Scores page.


30. TissueBox

TissueBox by Mike is a simple game made with Flame. I would say it’s a stress reliever.

The user must pull tissues out of a box in the stipulated time. Dragging the tissues vertically gives the user more points; if the box is empty, the user must drag the box left or right to refill it. Nice and straightforward with a beautiful UI.


31. MathMatrix

Learn to play simple arithmetic games to improve overall math skills. MathMatrix by Jay Savsani is simple to learn and suitable for all ages, from children to adults. Every level is meant to test the user’s intelligence at every turn.

This game involves you in various ways to increase your memory, attention, speed, reaction, focus, and logic. Each level becomes more complex and attempts to extract the best from the user.




32. ImpossibleBlocks

ImpossibleBlocks by Javi Pacheco is a sophisticated game with simple rules created in Flutter Redux. Play this memory game to exercise your cognitive areas.

This free brain-training game can help you improve your memory while still having fun. It is suitable for both youngsters and adults. You’ll enjoy this free game if you enjoy a Rubik’s Cube or magic cubes.


That is the end of this great open source Flutter mobile application list. If you have a suggestion to add, do let me know. Thank you!

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Buddha Community

A List of Open Source Mobile Applications for Flutter

Google's Flutter 1.20 stable announced with new features - Navoki

Flutter Google cross-platform UI framework has released a new version 1.20 stable.

Flutter is Google’s UI framework to make apps for Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Fuchsia OS. Since the last 2 years, the flutter Framework has already achieved popularity among mobile developers to develop Android and iOS apps. In the last few releases, Flutter also added the support of making web applications and desktop applications.

Last month they introduced the support of the Linux desktop app that can be distributed through Canonical Snap Store(Snapcraft), this enables the developers to publish there Linux desktop app for their users and publish on Snap Store.  If you want to learn how to Publish Flutter Desktop app in Snap Store that here is the tutorial.

Flutter 1.20 Framework is built on Google’s made Dart programming language that is a cross-platform language providing native performance, new UI widgets, and other more features for the developer usage.

Here are the few key points of this release:

Performance improvements for Flutter and Dart

In this release, they have got multiple performance improvements in the Dart language itself. A new improvement is to reduce the app size in the release versions of the app. Another performance improvement is to reduce junk in the display of app animation by using the warm-up phase.


If your app is junk information during the first run then the Skia Shading Language shader provides for pre-compilation as part of your app’s build. This can speed it up by more than 2x.

Added a better support of mouse cursors for web and desktop flutter app,. Now many widgets will show cursor on top of them or you can specify the type of supported cursor you want.

Autofill for mobile text fields

Autofill was already supported in native applications now its been added to the Flutter SDK. Now prefilled information stored by your OS can be used for autofill in the application. This feature will be available soon on the flutter web.


A new widget for interaction

InteractiveViewer is a new widget design for common interactions in your app like pan, zoom drag and drop for resizing the widget. Informations on this you can check more on this API documentation where you can try this widget on the DartPad. In this release, drag-drop has more features added like you can know precisely where the drop happened and get the position.

Updated Material Slider, RangeSlider, TimePicker, and DatePicker

In this new release, there are many pre-existing widgets that were updated to match the latest material guidelines, these updates include better interaction with Slider and RangeSliderDatePicker with support for date range and time picker with the new style.


New pubspec.yaml format

Other than these widget updates there is some update within the project also like in pubspec.yaml file format. If you are a flutter plugin publisher then your old pubspec.yaml  is no longer supported to publish a plugin as the older format does not specify for which platform plugin you are making. All existing plugin will continue to work with flutter apps but you should make a plugin update as soon as possible.

Preview of embedded Dart DevTools in Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio code flutter extension got an update in this release. You get a preview of new features where you can analyze that Dev tools in your coding workspace. Enable this feature in your vs code by _dart.previewEmbeddedDevTools_setting. Dart DevTools menu you can choose your favorite page embed on your code workspace.

Network tracking

The updated the Dev tools comes with the network page that enables network profiling. You can track the timings and other information like status and content type of your** network calls** within your app. You can also monitor gRPC traffic.

Generate type-safe platform channels for platform interop

Pigeon is a command-line tool that will generate types of safe platform channels without adding additional dependencies. With this instead of manually matching method strings on platform channel and serializing arguments, you can invoke native class and pass nonprimitive data objects by directly calling the Dartmethod.

There is still a long list of updates in the new version of Flutter 1.2 that we cannot cover in this blog. You can get more details you can visit the official site to know more. Also, you can subscribe to the Navoki newsletter to get updates on these features and upcoming new updates and lessons. In upcoming new versions, we might see more new features and improvements.

You can get more free Flutter tutorials you can follow these courses:

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Terry  Tremblay

Terry Tremblay


What is Flutter and why you should learn it?

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit for mobile developers, so they can use it to build native-looking** Android and iOS** applications from the same code base for both platforms. Flutter is also working to make Flutter apps for Web, PWA (progressive Web-App) and Desktop platform (Windows,macOS,Linux).


Flutter was officially released in December 2018. Since then, it has gone a much stronger flutter community.

There has been much increase in flutter developers, flutter packages, youtube tutorials, blogs, flutter examples apps, official and private events, and more. Flutter is now on top software repos based and trending on GitHub.

Flutter meaning?

What is Flutter? this question comes to many new developer’s mind.


Flutter means flying wings quickly, and lightly but obviously, this doesn’t apply in our SDK.

So Flutter was one of the companies that were acquired by **Google **for around $40 million. That company was based on providing gesture detection and recognition from a standard webcam. But later when the Flutter was going to release in alpha version for developer it’s name was Sky, but since Google already owned Flutter name, so they rename it to Flutter.

Where Flutter is used?

Flutter is used in many startup companies nowadays, and even some MNCs are also adopting Flutter as a mobile development framework. Many top famous companies are using their apps in Flutter. Some of them here are





Reflectly app

Reflectly app

Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios

and many more other apps. Mobile development companies also adopted Flutter as a service for their clients. Even I was one of them who developed flutter apps as a freelancer and later as an IT company for mobile apps.

Flutter as a service

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Brain  Crist

Brain Crist


Flutter App Development Trends 2020

As the new decade dawns upon us, a slew of technologies has been making a lot of noise to grab the developers’ attention. While native app development is going strong, the trade winds are now blowing towards going cross-platform.

Adobe PhoneGap, React Native, Xamarin and Ionic are all leaving no stone unturned to be the undefeated champion of cross-platform development. Still, Google’s Flutter is all set to take them all on at once.

There are a tonne of resources available online to learn about Flutter, and you can start with this step by step flutter guide.

With reduced code development time, increased time-to-market speed, near-native performance, and a bevy of advantages under its hood, Flutter is set to dominate the market this decade.

Before we take a look at trends making the Flutter race ahead in 2020, let us do a quick recap of what Flutter is, for those who have been living under a rock.

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The Ultimate Guide To Tik Tok Clone App With Firebase - Ep 2

The Ultimate Guide To Tik Tok Clone App With Firebase - Ep 2
In this video, I'm going to show you how to make a Cool Tik Tok App a new Instagram using Flutter,firebase and visual studio code.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Upload a Profile Pic to Firestore Data Storage.

🚀 Nice, clean and modern TikTok Clone #App #UI made in #Flutter⚠️

Starter Project :

► Timestamps 
0:00 Intro 0:20 
Upload Profile Screen 
16:35 Image Picker
20:06 Image Cropper 
24:25 Firestore Data Storage Configuration.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: If you want to learn, I strongly advise you to watch the video at a slow speed and try to follow the code and understand what is done, without having to copy the code, and then download it from GitHub.

► Social Media 

► Previous Episode :
► Playlist:

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Flutter Hotel Booking UI - Book your Stay At A New Hotel With Flutter - Ep1
Flutter Hotel Booking UI - Book your Stay At A New Hotel With Flutter - Ep1
#flutter #fluttertravelapp #hotelbookingui #flutter ui design 

In this video, I'm going to show you how to make a Cool Hotel Booking App using Flutter and visual studio code. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Splash Screen and Introduction Screen, how to implement a SmoothPageIndicator in Flutter. 

🚀 Nice, clean and modern Hotel Booking #App #UI made in #Flutter 

⚠️ IMPORTANT: If you want to learn, I strongly advise you to watch the video at a slow speed and try to follow the code and understand what is done, without having to copy the code, and then download it from GitHub. 

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