Role of IoT and ML In Smart Cities

Role of IoT and ML In Smart Cities

Role of IoT and ML In Smart Cities. In this article, take a look at the role of IoT and machine learning in smart cities.

The world’s population is growing at an unprecedented rate today and not only does half of the population lives in urban areas, but it is also estimated to rise by 50% by the year 2050. The amount of population living in these megapolises thus puts an enormous strain on the environment which needs to be managed smartly and thankfully, smart technologies like Internet of things (IoT) combined with machine learning (ML) have the potential to tame the pressures of urbanization by creating new and smarter experiences for making day-to-day living more comfortable.

The concept of IoT has always been considered the key infrastructure in smart cities since its introduction and in this article, we aim to explain the role that IoT and ML play in smart cities. But, before moving forward, let us understand the concept of smart cities briefly.

What Is a Smart City?

A smart city can be understood as a framework composed of information and communication technologies to develop, deploy, and ultimately promote sustainable development practices to effectively manage cities and to address their growing urbanization challenges smartly.

A big part of this framework is an intelligent network of interconnected objects that transmit data using wireless technologies like gadgets and the cloud.

The IoT applications receive, manage, and analyze real-time data using machine learning to help municipalities, enterprises, citizens, and cities at large to make better decisions that can improve the quality of life.

Let us now move forward to discussing various use cases of IoT and ML in smart cities to understand how these technologies transform cities and life.

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