installing cakephp 3 manually, without composer

installing cakephp 3 manually, without composer

I need to install CakePHP 3 in an old-fashioned&nbsp;<em>upload-unzip-run</em>&nbsp;way.

I need to install CakePHP 3 in an old-fashioned upload-unzip-run way.

The archive I've downloaded from cakephp/cakephp/tags does not contain the default folders like webrootModel etc., which means it's not complete.

The official documentation does not cover this. Here's a relevant Github issue I found, but the person ends up still using Composer.

There's also cakephp/app and it seems to include those missing files, but it's not mentioned in cakephp/cakephp's composer.json, and even if I download it I've no idea how to merge the packages.

Please help


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