How-To: YugabyteDB 2.5 Security Features

How-To: YugabyteDB 2.5 Security Features

In this article, see some new security features in open-source YugabyteDB, and see how to implement them. The YugabyteDB 2.5 release adds many critical enterprise-grade security features. This blog post outlines these newly added features.


Adding scram-sha-256 Authentication

The first notable addition is the addition of a much improved, password-based authentication mechanism called Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (or simply SCRAM) as described in [RFC5802]. This scram-sha-256 authentication mechanism, identical to the most secure PostgreSQL authentication schema, is a challenge-response scheme that prevents password sniffing on untrusted connections and supports storing passwords on the server in a cryptographically hashed form that is thought to be secure.

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