Tyree  Becker

Tyree Becker


Rust: String it All Together!

A stream meant for “advanced beginners” of Rust who are familiar with the concepts of ownership and strings but don’t yet have a firm grip on them.

In this stream, we build a program for processing Strings and talk about what Strings are and why there are multiple kinds of them.


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Rust: String it All Together!

Rust Lang Course For Beginner In 2021: Guessing Game

 What we learn in this chapter:
- Rust number types and their default
- First exposure to #Rust modules and the std::io module to read input from the terminal
- Rust Variable Shadowing
- Rust Loop keyword
- Rust if/else
- First exposure to #Rust match keyword

=== Content:
00:00 - Intro & Setup
02:11 - The Plan
03:04 - Variable Secret
04:03 - Number Types
05:45 - Mutability recap
06:22 - Ask the user
07:45 - First intro to module std::io
08:29 - Rust naming conventions
09:22 - Read user input io:stdin().read_line(&mut guess)
12:46 - Break & Understand
14:20 - Parse string to number
17:10 - Variable Shadowing
18:46 - If / Else - You Win, You Loose
19:28 - Loop
20:38 - Match
23:19 - Random with rand
26:35 - Run it all
27:09 - Conclusion and next episode


What is difference between String and string in C#

Are you confused about System.String and string in C#? What is the difference between String and string in C#? And how to choose between string and System.String? In this article, I am going to show you all the differences between string and System.String in C## with code examples. .

What is the difference between System.String and string in C#?

Basically, there is no difference between string and String in C#. “string” is just an alias of System.String and both are compiled in the same manner. String stands for System.String and it is a .NET Framework type. “string” is an alias in the C## language for System.String. Both of them are compiled to System.String in IL (Intermediate Language), so there is no difference.

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Lydia  Kessler

Lydia Kessler


ULTIMATE Rust Lang Tutorial! - Publishing a Rust Crate

The ultimate Rust lang tutorial. Follow along as we go through the Rust lang book chapter by chapter.

📝Get the FREE Rust Cheatsheet: https://letsgetrusty.com/cheatsheet

The Rust book: https://doc.rust-lang.org/stable/book/​​

0:00​ Intro
0:43 Release Profiles
3:00 Documentation Comments
4:32 Commonly Used Sections
5:04 Documentation Comments as Tests
5:50 Commenting Contained Items
6:29 Exporting a Public API
8:44 Setting up Creates.io Account
9:54 Adding Metadata to a New Create
12:14 Publishing to Crates.io
12:49 Removing Version from Crates.io
13:37 Outro

#letsgetrusty​​ #rust​lang​ #tutorial

#rust #rust lang #rust crate

Tanner  Smith

Tanner Smith


Learn to Strings - Rust

Chapter 8

#rust #strings

Trycia  Hintz

Trycia Hintz


Learning Rust Together! Going through the Rust Programming book!

First episode in a series where we dive into The Rust Programming language! We are following a book of the same name (sometimes called “The Book”) which can be found here https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/title-page.html.

This episode goes through chapters 1 & 2. We build a Guessing game app and learn some of the language basics!

– Watch live on Tuesday nights from 9pm - 11pm Eastern at https://twitch.tv/tommcgurl

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