Getting Started With C# DataFrame and XPlot.Ploty

Getting Started With C# DataFrame and XPlot.Ploty

For the Python programming language, Pandas is an efficient and popular data analysis tool, especially its Dataframe, used to manipulate and display data.

For the Python programming language, Pandas is an efficient and popular data analysis tool, especially its Dataframe, used to manipulate and display data. For the .NET programming languages, we can use Deedle or Microsoft.Data.Analysis package available in NuGet which also provides a DataFrame class used to manipulate, transform, and display data.

This example focuses on Microsoft.Data.Analysis package by demonstrating some basic features of the DataFrame class in Jupyter Notebook.

It also uses the XPlot.Plotly package which is F## data visualization package to plot charts for the data in the Dataframe. The source code is available on GitHub.


To run examples in this article, please refer to this Using .NET Core in Jupyter Notebook article for setting up Jupyter Notebook to support the .NET programming languages.

Install the Package

The Microsoft.Data.Analysis package is available in Nuget so the dotnet-interactive #r magic command can be used to install the package from NuGet.

Run the below command to install Microsoft.Data.Analysis package version 0.4.0.


Refer the Namespaces

This article uses classes from the following four packages. Therefore, it uses the using statement to refer to those packages.

  • XPlot.Plotly: A cross-platform data visualization package for the F## and .NET programming languages
  • Microsoft.Data.Analysis: An easy-to-use and high-performance libraries for data analysis and transformation
  • System.Linq: Classes and interfaces that support queries that use Language-Integrated Query
  • Microsoft.AspNetCore.Html: Types for manipulating HTML content


Render a DataFrame as an HTML Table

By default, a DataFrame is rendered as an HTML table with one row and two columns (Columns and Rows).

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